All Locations Guide in Assassin's Creed Valhalla provides an overview of all the game's regions, towns, points of interest, wealth markers, secrets and more. The game's environments are vast and varied, providing plenty of opportunity for exploration and discovery across different terrains, ranging from high altitude mountains to swamps and bogs.

Travel and Fast Travel in AC: Valhalla

Traversing each region provides players the opportunities to find special Crafting Materials, obtain Equipment, and participate in Quests and Collectible Hunts. Players can use the quick-travel feature to travel to previously discovered point of interests.

Synchronization in AC: Valhalla

Players can climb to specific view points and use their link to their raven to Synchronize a location. Synchronization will reveal map markers with specific activities and loot to be found within the covered area, as well as clear the map's fog.



Assassin's Creed Valhalla All Locations Guide

All AC:V Locations feature specific Enemies, Equipment and Items, and provide different activities that can be undertaken. From Quests, to Legendary Animals, Books of Knowledge and other wealths and mysteries, players should fully explore each area to gain maximum benefit.












Mythical & Fictional Regions













Locations of Mysteries

In Assassin's Creed Valhalla (ACV), there are 233 Mysteries in total. The following page will guide you to all their Locations and how to solve each Mystery (Cairns, Offering Altars, Flytings, Treasures of Britain, World Events, Legendary Animals, Lost Drengrs, Daughters of Lerion, Animus Anomalies, Fly Agarics, Standing Stones). Finding the mysteries will strengthen your character, reveal more of the Assassin's Creed Lore, and unlock Achievements.

The Mysteries in Assassin's Creed Vahalla includes:

  • cairn-assassins-creed-wiki-guideCairn
  • offering-assassins-creed-wiki-guideOffering Altar
  • flyting-assassins-creed-wiki-guideFlyting
  • treasure_of_britain-assassins-creed-wiki-guideTreasure of Britain
  • world_event-assassins-creed-wiki-guideWorld Event
  • legendary_animals-assassins-creed-wiki-guideLegendary Animals
  • lost_drenger-assassins-creed-wiki-guideLost Drengr
  • daughter_of_lerion-assassins-creed-wiki-guideDaughter of Lerion
  • animus_anomalies-assassins-creed-wiki-guideAnimus Anomalies
  • fly_agaric-assassins-creed-wiki-guideFly Agaric
  • stranding_stones-assassins-creed-wiki-guideStanding Stones

They are a type of Collectible that gets marked as blue dots on your map. To reveal the blue dots you can either synchronize the viewpoints or get close enough to them.


Mysteries Guide of Assassin's Creed Valhalla






Rygjafylke (13 Mysteries) The Silver-Tongued Traitor World Event On the northwest of Stavanger, talk to Sulke.
Manning, Fighter of Wolves Flyting

Found at Stavanger. Pick following lines:

  • What you make up in muscles, you’re lacking in spine.
  • They seem perfectly placed to give children a scare.
  • No, you’re quite like your arms: just incredibly thick.
Raider Recruit World Event At Stavanger, talk to the old man, and defeat 3 opponents in fist fights.
The Hunt for Honor World Event On the southwest of Stavager, near the coast. 
The Plight of the Warlock World Event Found on the northeast of Gryttirsand, follow the hunter and talk to the Warlocke. Then you can choose a side or just leave it.
Elk of Bloody Peaks Legendary Animal Found at the mountains on the west of Fornburg (Eigffors).
The Dreamwalking Warrior World Event To the east of Valka's Hut, talk to the sleeping warrior and follow him.
Comb of Champions World Event   On the northeast of Fornburg, the poem on the bench offers the hint that comb is near the waterfall. Dive down to the furthest rock in the lake and find the hole. Use Odin's sight to make the comb show up.
Erik Loyalskull Lost Drengr On the northwest of Hildesvini's Crag. Prepare for a tough fight when you find him.
Old Man on the Edge World Event Help the old man at the northwest of Kjotve's Fortress, throw the crates off the cliff.
 -- Fly Agaric  On Deserted Chalet island, read the note on the bench and then eat the hallucinogenic mushroom. Go through the gate next to Thor, then Freyja, and finally Odin.
A Desperate Bounty World Event  On the northwest of Haervik Shipyard, follow the man north to the forest and kill the bandits.
A New England World Event   On the island northwest to Heillboer.
Hordafylke (7 Mysteries)   Cairn On an island lies in the west part of this region, next to Torgharren Rock. Place the rock on top of each other to reach the required height.
  Fly Agaric On the same island of above mystery, to the southeast of Torgharren Rock. Be careful when you interact with the mushrooms, 4 powerful enemies will appear.
  Animus Anomaly Northeast of Torgharren Rock, this mystery only spawns near the end of the game. When you reach there, interact with the anomaly to face the challenges.
Bear of the Blue Waters Legendary Animal On another island to the north of Torgharren Rock. 
Orwig Neverdeath Lost Drengr East of Torgharren Rock, on the cliff of the mainland. 
The Rekindling World Event In the town of Alrekstad. You will need to destroy some objects and burn down the house.
Battle Born World Event

At the southeast corner of the region, talk to the child to start. You will need to complete three tasks:

  • Hit all 4 of the mannequin
  • Destroy some of the vases and crates in the house
  • Open the chest on the platform.
Ledecestrescire (16 Mysteries)    Jungulf Flyting

At Repton, choose the following lines:

  • O, to beat such a braggart will surely be fun.
  • You’re a weakling, a milksop, a cadger, a louse.
  • Your pride is appalling, and your rhyming is worse.
Skal to Your Wealth World Event On southwest of Repton, You'll need to find bear testicles and lichen. Lichen can be found in the well right behind you. Travel west and kill the bear in bear den to get the testicles.
-- Fly Agaric On south of Repton, head through the gate that the seal is facing. After each gate, it will move to face the next one in order. Pass through all 5 to finish this.
-- Standing Stones On west of Wenloch Abbey, rotate your camera so it matches following pattern:
Of Fist-Dances and Sweaty Oaths World Event  On south of Wenloch Abbey, require Charisma Level 3. Or sneak behind the building and climb up to the wooden platform, there's a note on the tree. Tell the password to the guards, and join the Fight Club.
-- Offering Altar On the southeast of Wenloch Abbey, offer 3 hare's foot.
Ledecestrescire Sauce World Event On northeast of Sudwella Monastery, get an eel for the man's sauce.
-- Cairn At Cernewood, stack the stones to reach the required height.
Sisters of the Axe World Event On south of Sudwella Monastery, you can obtain the Chruch Door Key from behind a rock overlooking the back of the church. 
The Stink-Brew World Event At Ledecestrescire, go inside the cave and kill the vipers, return to the woman with 4 viper eggs.
The Twit Saga, Part I World Event On the west of Ledecestrescire, use your torch to lit up the house. Move a shelf on the backside to get inside the house, loot the place, and open the door.
The White Lady of Tamworth World Event On southwest of Ledecestrescire, attack the man guarding the tower, then kill the coming Saxon.
-- Animus Anomaly At Kildesbig, complete the platforming section and reach the data pack.
A Skald's Lament World Event On the southeast of Alcestre Monastery, Follow the man and kill the enemies at the camp.
The Last Leaf of Fall World Event  On northwest of Nepton, talk to the girl and shoot the leaf.
 The Old Guard World Event On a small island to the west of Repton, speak to the man to obtain his house key, and then use it on his house near the huge tree in Repton. Loot the place, find the crate, and return it to him.
Grantebridgescire (15 Mysteries)               The Devout Troll World Event On the northwest of Isle of Ely Monastery, enrage the monkey by burning the roof, smash the pots, and kill the cow. Take the key form the stool he was sat on, use it to open the house.
The Wound Wands of Friends World Event On the west of Isle of Ely Monastery.
Degolas the Beautiful World Event On the south of Medeshamstede Abbey, get inside the house, pick up four crates, and throw them outside. Then follow the girl.
-- Offering Altar At Elisdon Alter, offer 10 Bullhead (Small) fish.
Winchell the Robesfree World Event On the south of Elisdon Alter, Steal the create of clothes, and deposit the crate next to Winchell.
The Lord of Norsexe World Event On the west of Grantebridgescire, Talk to the king, then turn back and dive into the water. Loot the body under the water and back to the king. 
The Cult of Saint Guthlac World Event On the southwest of Earnningstone, pick up the crate and follow the man south-west down the road to his friend’s house. Place it outside the house.
The Infinite Noise of Men World Event On the south of Wandrie, talk to Sebbi and wat the two brothers duke it out. You can shoot the oil jars in the garden and burn down the farm. Talk to the children afterward to finish this.
-- Standing Stones

On southwest of Walden, climb the tree just outside the circle of stones and rotate your camera so the symbol shows following pattern:


The Walloper World Event Northwest of Walden, you need to challenge and defeat the old man in fight, then open the locked door.
Fergal the Faceless Flyting At Grantebridgescire, speak to the woman, who gives you a key. Use it on the door to the house next to her and start your duel.
The Doom Book of Cats World Event North of Grantebridgescire, talk to the man about his rat problem and then walk east and talk to the woman outside a house. With level 2 Charisma, convince her to give you the key to the house. 
Path to the Wind-Blue World Event East of Middeltun, on a small island, use the torch to light the brazier. Then follow the man and light up other braziers. Kill the Saxonsin Soham Hideout, then return to the man.
-- Fly Agaric Southeast of Isle of Ely Monastery, light three of the five braziers to complete.
Goneril Daughter or Lerion North of Isle of Ely Monastery, be prepared when you decide to fight Goneril.
East Anglia (18 Mysteries)          -- Standing Stones Positon yourself at the west of Seahenge, facing directly to the east.
-- Cairn Located at East Cape Peak, stack the stones to reach the required height.
Regan Daughter of Lerion Northeast of Brisleah Farm, you'll fight against Regan here when you find her.
-- Offering Altar Located at Cudd's Stone, northeast of Brisleah Farm. Offer 200 Silver in the bowl.
Green Children of Anglia World Event You must complete the Offering Altar first. Found Northeast of Brisleah Farm. Use Odin's Sight to find two children in the woods, follow their trail that will lead to a treehouse. Sit on the log stool and complete it by selecting your preferred dialogue.
-- Fly Agaric Northeast of Brisleah Farm. Head through the gate that's on the right and in between two statues. Next, climb up the rocks and proceed to the next gate where there are two shields standing against it on both sides of the gate. And finally, head through the gate that has light blue flowers in front.
Grime's Graves Treasure of Britain Southwest of Brisleah Farm. The path towards the treasure is linear, start off by jumping down into the deep hole and work your way through a series of platforming. You'll eventually reach a table that has a vase. Scan it to find a blue highlight inside it, destroy it to obtain the treasure.
Thor the Fishmonger Lost Drengr South of Scotthoh Farm, west of Wensum River. Prepare to fight against Thor the Fishmonger.
The Wayward World Event Northeast of Northwic, speak to the girl.
Charwick, Monger of Gossip Flyting

Located at the center of Northwic. Choose the following lines to win:

  • Then you’re speaking to fools, and their knowledge is flawed.
  • And they’re sorely mistaken, I’m known for my might.
  • Then you’ve clearly mishead them, my wit is immense.
Edmund's Arrows World Event

Located at Northwic. When you obtain the arrows from the throne, you can simply sell them to the woman in exchange for silver, or simply keep them.

Freyja's Friend World Event

Located at Northwic. Interact with the cat first and then speak to the girl who chases after it. Follow the girl and help her catch the cat to complete this event.

Hide and Hunt World Event

Southwest of Northwic near Britannia's Watch. You'll find a child who wants to play hide-and-seek. Just hide from the child and wait it out for a couple of minutes until the child gets tired of looking for you.

Cordelia Daughter of Lerion Southwest of Britannia's Watch. You need to have at least 340 Power Level to fight against Cordelia.
A Blood Hymn for Edmund World Event East of Beodoricsworth. Simply defeat the woman to complete this event.
  Animus Anomaly East of Beodoricsworth. The path here is pretty linear where you need to work your way through some platforming. When you reach the end, grab the data packet to complete it.
Black Shuck Legendary Animal Far east side of Beodoricsworth.  Defeat the Black Shuck, be aware of this enemy since it is quite agile.
Life-Blood World Event East of Beodoricsworth.  You'll come across a seer that needs to be revived. Carry her and bring her back to the house where the farmer can be found.
Lunden (5 Mysteries) Augusta the Cheerful Flyting

Located at Lundenwic Abbey. Choose the following lines to win:

  • You’re the picture of elegance, beauty, and grace.
  • O, your valour’s the subject of story and song.
  • It is truly a pleasure, my partner’s sublime.
The Demon Odour and the Tithe World Event

Located at the Temple of Sulis Minerva. The man will ask you to help him escape, you can carry the jars and move it to the shelves or destroy it which causes Eivor to throw up.

Falling Stars World Event

North of Saint Paul's Cathedral. Find the three members of a band that's around Lunden. Kitt is outside of St. Paul's Cathedral, give her 50 Silver Coins to convince her. Ysane is just outside of the walls of the city, west of St. Paul's Cathedral, simply speak to her. And Cynewulf is at the southeast of  Crepelgate Fort trapped in a cage. Free him and speak to him. After finding all three, return to the marked location of the quest and watch them play.

War of the Collectors World Event

East of Saint Paul's Cathedral. Make sure to forge a Museum at your Settlement first. Next, speak to Octavian to obtain the quest A Rivalry for the Ages. Head to the collector's house in Lunden and if you have a Lvl. 5 Charisma, you can convince him to leave the statue, or pay 130 Silver.

Last Flight of the Gyldan Sparrow World Event

Central Lunden. You'll need to swim down from the nearby wreckage in the Thames to find two chests. Return to the woman on the jetty after obtaining the supplies and a message in a bottle. She'll mention that the necklace she is trying to get was swallowed by a cow that's underwater. Instead of swimming, you need to fish for it. You can either go fishing from the jetty or build a Fisherman's Hut at the settlement and try to catch the fish that has swallowed the necklace. Once you have it, give it to her or keep it.

Oxenefordscire (10 Mysteries) Hogg the Burly Flyting

Located outside of Oxeneford. Choose the following lines to win:

  • “You’re barely an insect, a fly that I’ll swat.”
  • “You’re possessed of a baldness that’s scared off your hair.”
  • “You’ve the brain of a donkey, to challenge a Norse.”
Permission to Weep World Event

Located east of Evesham Abbey. Speak to Sten who's at a site where the bodies of his crew are burning. He'll tell you a story about it and if you have at least 3 Charisma, you can give him permission to "weep", and if not, you'll ask him to fight you to relieve his anger.

-- Fly agaric

Located near Evesham Abbey. To complete this, you need to pass through five gates. You'll notice that the gates you need to pass are in numerical order with the number of crosses next to it, starting with the first gate that has 1 cross. In the right order of gates, it will be mid, mid, right, far left, mid-left, and then far right.

The Anchoress World Event

Southeast of Evesham Abbey. The main door of the small building is locked, so go behind and shoot the lock to break it from the barred window. Make sure to have at least Charisma 2 as well when you enter. Head inside the building and head down the ladder until you find the Anchoress at the end of the path. If you successfully convince her to step outside with Charisma 2, you'll complete this event.

The Corpse Feeders Legendary Animals

Southwest of Evesham Abbey. Upon arriving at the marked location, a cutscene will trigger and you'll be ambushed by three wolves. Simply defeat each one to complete this mystery event.

A Dog's Rescue World Event

Found in-between of Buckingham and Linforda. You'll find a burning building and a woman outside. Speak to her and she'll ask you to rescue her dog who's inside the burning building. You need to go around the back to find another way. And apart from saving the dog that's actually a fox, you need to forge a path for it to escape.

The Last Raid World Event

North of Derelict Shrine of Camulus. When you arrive at the marked location, you'll find Alvar, speak to him to begin the quest of raiding. Find the Ore, Fish, and Arrow that can be located with Odin's Sight. Once you interact with three items, Alvar will ask you to blow your horn. Kill the wolves that spawn and speak to Alvar to complete the event.

Nostalgia World Event

Southwest of Derelict Shrine of Camulus. You'll come across a farmhouse and a farmer who mistakes you for his daughter. Help him move the grates and listen to the story he shares. Make sure he finishes the story and keep asking him about the story with the dialogues if the old man falls asleep.

Fishing Lesson World Event

Located northwest near the Eatun Barn. You'll find Nel by the docks and she'll ask you to find her brother who's been turned into a fish. You need to have a Fishing Hut built first in Raventhorpe to obtain the Fishing Line action. When you catch the fish, give it to Nel to close the world event.

-- Animus Anomaly

Southwest of Saint Albanes Abbey. Climb up the cliff of the aqueduct to find the anomaly. When you touch it, you'll take control of Layla. Work you way through the platforms to find the data packet at the end.

Sciropescire (14 Mysteries) Lamb Chops World Event In the north part of the region, along the river. Help Merec find his brooch. You need to search the sheep poop for it.
Paola's Dream World Event West of the lake, you need to talk to Jason.
Ove the Scarred Flyting

In Quatford, pick the following lines:

  • And your thick little skull...
  • Test your might against mine...
  • If it's fighting you want...
Beast of the Hills Legendary Animal

In the underground area leading west of Uriconium Mines. 

  Offering Altar

West of beast of hills, you need to offer 5 small Brown Trout.

  Standing Stones

At Mycel Fold, first, you need to read the inscription on the center stone, then use Odin’s Sight to reveal parts of the pattern. Line them up by going to the nearby cliff that overlooking the stones.

The Puppeteer World Event In Wenlocan Abbey, go inside the house, move the barricade and destroy the breakable wall behind it. Climb down the ladder to complete the event.
Bewitched World Event Southeast of Wesberie, you will hear the cries from a house with barred doors. You can go to the other side of the house, shoot the lock through the window to open the front door. The key to the trapped boy is in another barred room, you will have to climb the hill behind the house until you find the spot where you can see the lock above the windowsill.
Otta, Son of Slugga World Event West of Lyftmere's pond, you need to shoot all five targets before time limit.
Miracle World Event South of Dudmastun Lake, help the lame man and blind man to complete the event.
  Cairn Same location as the above mystery, stack the stones to reach the required height.
  Fly Agaric Southwest of Dudmastun Lake, interact with each flame in a circle of stones to turn it blue, leave the other flames red, then go through the gate to complete the challenge.
King of the Hill World Event Southwest of Dhustone Quarry, on a hilltop camp. Challenge the man and defeat him three times to complete the event.
Cent (11 Mysteries) Mysterious Chessboard Tablet Treasure of Britain In Cave of Trials.
Red in Tooth and Claw World Event East of Lunden, you find some boars surrounding a house. Find the key on a nearby corpse and enter the house.
The Pardoner's Tale World Event East of Croindene, there's an old man in black. Follow him and search the oak tree, after examine the 3 bodies around the tree and the soup pot, the event is complete.
Madness of the Stones World Event North of Tonbridge Monastery, across the river. There's a man standing in a circle of stones, talk to him and count the stones.
  Standing Stones At Medeuuage Megaliths, east of Tonbridge Monastery. You need to crouch to get the pattern to line up properly.
Brother Quiescis Flyting

In Canterbury town, you need to pick the following lines:

  • Though you speak through another, your writing’s still poor.
  • Though you choose to be quiet, your folly is loud.
  • With such drivel to speak, I see why you keep mum.
Pig of Prophecy World Event In Canterbury town, talk to the man, drink from the vat, then talk to the pig,
The Lighthouse Twins World Event West of Dover cliff, help the brother there and kill all the vipers to end the event.
The Sky Thief World Event On the southwest of Tonbridge Monastery, close to the border. Climb up to the platform and talk to the girl. Use the oil jar to break the nest and pick up the missing ring, then talk to the girl again.
Winifred World Event Close to the above mystery, talk to the girl and get some honeycomb from the beehive. Place the honey comb on the rock by the tree.
  Fly Agaric Southwest of Tonbridge Monastery, in this challenge, you need to walk up the spiral to see the order of the gates you need to walk through: water, fire, earth and air.
Lincolnscire (10 Mysteries) The Twit Saga Part II World Event Southeast of Donecaestre. Free the prisoner first at the enemy camp and speak to the man. Carry the body of the prisoner's brother that's next to him and follow him, defeat the enemies along the way, and then speak to him again.
The Farewell Meow World Event Southwest of Grimsby. Speak to the woman found by the broken trunk and you need to help her forge a shrine for her dead cat.
Gemad-Wulf Legendary Animal Defeat the beast found south of Grimsby.
Stray Naps World Event Located at Grimsby. Read the note next to the sleeping man who you need to accompany back to his wife in Grimsby. Once you reach the house, leave the man by the floor of the house and speak to the wife.
The False Ealdormancy World Event Southeast of Aelfgarstun. When you see a trunk, read the note which is a bounty order. Wait for a while and a horseman will appear along with another guy. Kill the horseman and speak to the other guy.
The Ignominious  Bandit World Event Located at the center of Lincolnscire. Simply kill all the men that ambush you upon speaking to the man.
Little Victories World Event Located near Skegi's Beard. Kill all the bandits invading the village, you can do this operation on your own or with Stikla. Kill all the bandits in the village and the ones at the beach, and then report back to the pair.
-- Animu Anomaly Far east of Ledecestrescire near the Spalding Bandit Lake. Work your way through the platforming section to complete the mystery.
-- Fly Agaric East of Ledecestrescir. Simply kill the horde of a bear.
King of Shitsby World Event North of Medeshamstede Abbey. Upon arriving at the ruins, you'll hear a man's voice. Head inside the church and interact with the throne. Whichever dialogue you choose, it triggers an enemy encounter. Kill all of the enemies to complete the mystery.
Essexe (12 Mysteries) Take Me a Husband World Event East of Essexe. A woman will ask you to kidnap a man for her. The man's house can be located up the hill that's surrounded by red flowers. Speak to the man by the well and you'll start a fist-fight. After beating the man, you need to tie him up and bring him to the woman's house.
The Banshee World Event East of Wulfaswic. You'll find a grieving man in a hideout. Simply kill him and loot the area to close this event.
-- Treasure of Britain South of Ealdorman's House. Enter the cave and work your through by swinging off branches. When you reach a cellar, you need to shoo the locks of the barrels with an arrow and fill up the shaft with wine. This will cause the treasure chest to float up.
-- Flyting

Northwest of Ealdorman's House, at the barracks. Choose the following lines to win:

  • For they put all who hear them to sleep.
  • I’ll defeat you and banish all doubt.
  • Lend a salve, for your words make me ill.
-- Fly Agaric

East of Walden. Interact with the flames in the right order: Red, Flame, Blue Flame, Blue Flame, Red Flame, Red Flame, Blue Blame.

Mother World Event

East of Walden. Upon reaching the area, you need to kill the pack of wolves and then head up the roof so that you can pick the flowers. This triggers an option where you can speak to the man inside the house. With any dialogue that you choose upon speaking to him, it will complete the mystery event.

The Riddler World Event

Southeast of Walden. You'll find a man who'll give you three riddles you need to solve. Here are the following solutions:

  • My head is forged with the hammer, hurt with sharp tools, smoothed by flies. I take in my mouth what is set before me: a lock and key.
  • I saw a strange thing, wonderful of shape, singing in a tavern. Its beak underneath, stood upon splayed legs that cannot walk: bagpipes.
  • With my roofs of tears, I am driven far and wide on my avenging path. When I shake the forest, I rumble the fruit from the trees: a storm.
-- Offering Altar

Place 30 Iron Ore in the offering altar. This can be found in Southeast of Walden.

The Prodigy World Event

East of Sancta Maria's Abbey. First, speak to the man and then the bishop that's opposite to him. You'll complete this by punishing the man.

Devil's Hole World Event

Located at Beorn Cavern. When you find the cave, speak to the man by the entrance. Upon entering you'll find another man by the armor whom you can spare or kill. Afterward, report back to the man who's outside.

The Gleewoman World Event

Northeast of Epinga Forest.  First, free the woman and speak to her. You need to kill the wild boars around the area and afterward, you need to pay her 165 coins to complete the event.

The Boar with the Golden Nose World Event

South of Sancta Maria's Abbey. Speak to the Boarmaster first and examine the ground whenever the boar stops as you follow it. You'll have to do this three times, and at the fourth, you'll have to fight against a group of thugs.

Suthsexe (14 Mysteries) A Prayer for Vengeance World Event  On the Northwest corner of Suthsexe, can be triggered under the ground. There's hole in some rocks you can shoot through and break a crate on the other side. Then, move the obstacle on the other side to enter the cave, Travel to Chertsey Abbey and return to the cave to end the event.
Rock of Fertility World Event West of Lunden, help the woman to get to the "Rock".
Eivor the Sheepdog World Event West of Briggworth, talk to the man first, then kill the wolves and use your whistle to lure the sheep to its master.
King of the Hay People World Event Southeast of Fearnhamme, kill the Goliath.
Will O' the Wisp World Event Southeast of Fearnhamme, use Odin's Sight to follow the bonfires untill you find the man.
Alisa in Wunderlandscire World Event South of Foris Turre, enter the cave and bring the girl outside.
Tiny Black Market World Event North of Brimclif Monastery, talk to the kid at marker's location, choose Reven as password. Keep buying from the kids until you get a Hoard Map.
Aelfred’s Battle-Sow Legendary Animal Between The Cistern Tower and Croindene, kill the boar.
Aflanc the Terrible World Event South of Briggworth, untie the woman and talk to her. Then dive to the bottoman of the lake, interact with the item in shipwrech, and return to the Griseld to end the event.
  Offering Altar South of Crawleah, offer 50 leather to the altar.
  Cairn Southwest of Crawleah, stack the stones to required height.
  Fly Agar East of Cicesire Abbey, defeat the enemies.
  Animus Anomaly South of Crawleah, close to sea. Complete the challenge.
  Treasures of Britain Southwest of Tonbridge Monastery, in the mine. You need to slide under a crevice to reach the new area. Keep venturing forth untill you see a big wooden wheel, dive into the water and continue on to reach the tablet.
Eurviscire (16 Mysteries) The Blood Swine Legendary Animal North of Snotingham.
Art-Scop World Event In Donecaestre, talk to the bard.
Historia de Cordibus Pathetic World Event Northwest of Donecaestre, talk to the woman and choose "Speak of his strength and beauty".
  Treasure of Britain In Wiccan's Cave, you need to go all the way in this cave to finally find the tablet in a room.
  Cairn West of Wiccan's cave, stack the stones to meet the height.
Sunken Hope World Event North of Wiccan's cave, talk to the girl in the water and find her father.
  Animus Anomaly North of Jorvik, simply complete the challenge.
  Lost Drengr North of Jorvik, close to the border, defeat the Drengr.
  Fly Agaric Northeast of Jorvik, near Dobby's Altar. Defeat the enemies.
  Offering Altar Northeast of Jorvik, you need 5 fabric.
Dellingr Rabbit World Event Southeast of Dobby's Altar, talk to the man.
  Flyting Southeast of Dobby's Altar, pick any line you like.
Crushed Dreams World Event East of Picheringa, close to high point. Read the written note near the rock and go to Picheringa, then talk to the woman at market.
The Village: Jurthgard World Event East of Jorvik, follow the running woman.
  Standing Stones East of the Jorvik, near the raid marker. You need to break the ice then walk into it to line up the pattern.
  Lost Drengr Between Jorvik and Wyke, defeat the Drengr.
Jorvik (5 Mysteries)   Flyting

 In Jorvik, pick the following lines:

  • The one fool that I see here is up on that wall.
  • Then enjoy while you can, a great fall is at hand
  • What's it like feigning hugeness? You're naught but a gnome.
Silver Wind Elder World Event In Jorvik, talk to the man, then use Odin's Sight to find the kid.
Deviled Water World Event Talk to the man and push the person on the boat into the water.
Bridges of Oppression World Event Talk to the man, and use the boat to get the man on the bridge.
Warmth of Winter World Event Talk to the kid in the square, buy the goat, and chase the kid. Talk to him again to end the event.
Glowecestrescire (11 Mysteries)   Standing Stones In the east part of Glowecestrescire region, go the south of the standing stone and find the correct spot to line up the pattern.
  Fly Agaric East part of Glowecestrescire region, northwest of the Druid's Cottage.  You need to see what symbol on the banner is and shoot the braziers with the same symbols.
The Body World Event In the east part of Glowecestrescire region, in the forest. Talk to the kids and search for the axe. 
The Horn Of Ragnar World Event At the southeast corner of the region, talk to the man and get into the house and unlock it. 
  Standing Stones Also at the southeast corner of the region, you need to get on the boat and find the correct spot to line up the pattern.
  Cairn Northeast of Glowecestre town, stacking the stones to meet the requirement.
Dearly Bee-Loved World Event In Glowecestre town, on the wall. Talk to the man and deliver the love letter to the man standing in the flower field.
  Offering Altar West of Glowecestre town, on a hill. You need 10 Bullhead (small).
Lady of The Lake World Event West of Glowecestre town, close to the border. Kill the snakes around the alter, then speak to the mysterious woman. Once you get locked in the poison room, move the stack of items and escape from the window.
The Goddess Of Birth World Event In the northwest part of the region. Talk to the woman there, and take her to the ruins on the hill in the east. 
  Cairn Maen Ceti, in the northwest corner of the region. Stack the stones to meet the height requirement.
Snotinghamscire (15 Mysteries)   Treasure Of Britain In the north of the region, in Deoraby Soar Cavern.
Stigr The Amorous Flyting

In the town of Hemthorpe. The correct lines are:

  • Yes, with words I’ll ensnare you and put you to bed.
  • I’m as good with my lips as I am with my tongue.
  • While I doubt you can take me, I’ll give you a go.
An Althing For The Half Crown World Event In the town of Hemthorpe.
  Cairn West of Hemthorpe, near the large waterfall.
The Myth in the Mountains World Event West of Hemthorpe, on the mountain. Go to the campers and listen to their story, then head to the tree at the top and throw a torch at the scarecrow to set it up.
Stoneman World Event Southwest of Hemthorpe, along the Derwent River. Talk to the girl next to the house, and help her stack the stones.
  Fly Agaric In the middle of the region, far southwest of Hemthorpe. On a rock standing above the frozen lake. Eat it to face Jotnar-Guld.
  Standing Stones To the south of the above mystery, surrounded by a cliff. Break the ice wall, and head inside the cave to find the correct camera angle to form the pattern.
  Standing Stones In the center of the region, at the Aescforda Stones. You need to destroy the ice that's blocking the view and stand on the floating ice to find the right spot.
  Lost Drengr Northwest of Sherwood Forest, on a hill.
A Cordial Invitation World Event Next to the river in the centre of the region, north of Repton. Talk to the man and defeat the enemies.
The Good Men of Sherwood World Event West of Sherwood Forest. Join the archery practice.
  Animus Anomaly At Briudun Hill, 
An Efficient Cremation World Event West of Wenloch Abbey. 
  Offering Altar In the north of the region, at the Mam Tor Stone. Offer 3 Titanium to complete it.
Wincestre (4 Mysteries) Mildberg the Miracle Legs World Event In the town of Wincestre, talk to the little girl at the market place. 
Romeo and Aethelflaed World Event In the town of Wincestre, when you reached the location, you will notice a boy standing on top of the scaffolding on top of the church. Climb up and talk to him, then use the zip line to get the flower he asks for.
Aelfred's Jewel World Event In the town of Wincestre. In order to get into Cedric's house, get to the back of the house, break the barricade of the window.
Asser World Event In the church of Wincestre. Talk to the man, then get out and climb up the scaffolding, move the obstacles blocking the light from the windows. 
Hamtunscire (14 Mysteries)   Treasure Of Britain In west of the region, north of Chepenham. Along the cliff, inside the cave, the treasure can be found on a pillar.
  Fly Agaric In the center of the region, northeast of Chepenham. The Fly Agaric can be found in some red bushes, next to a stone structure.
  Standing Stones In the center of Hamtunscire at Stonehenge. 
The Devil Has All The Best Tunes World Event South of the Readingum Abbey, 
Splitting Hares World Event Near the western border of the region, at Fearnhamme. 
We Are All Monsters World Event Can be found between the town of Wincestre and Fearnhamme. Read the note on the rock to start.
  Treasure Of Britain East of the town of Wincestre, at the Red Lichen Cavern. The treasure can be found on a stone on a platform.

North of Wincestre, the correct lines are:

  • “To wear blood is a joy, I’m quite striking in red.”
  • “It is not mine to judge, only fill up the graves.”
  • “To ensure that I’ll sit in Valhalla one day.”
  Cairn In the center of Hamtunscire, at Heald Tor. On top of a cliff overlooking the town.
The Arrow In The Tree World Event In the center of Hamtunscire, north of Wincestre.  Talk to Kenrick and retrive the arrow.
  Standing Stones West of Wincestre, at the Aveberre Megaliths. You need to stand on the tall pillar to form the correct pattern.
Saint Faith World Event East of Runcwuda Abbey, on an island in the river.
Elder Lynx & Young Lynx Legendary Animal Southwest of Wincestre, at The Dark Weald.
  Animus Anomaly On the western tip of an island at the south of Hamtunscire.
Vinland (7 Mysteries)   World Event Complete Flight of Fancy first. Speak to the man in Nyhofn and he'll ask you to look for a person. After reporting back to the task giver, follow them when they leave the village and kill the enemies that will ambush them.
A Dead Man's Tale World Event Located in Nyhofn. You need to bring back a corpse to the woman who asks you about the task.
-- Standing Stones Northeast of Hvallgrof Outpost. You need to move the platforms from the mid-section first.
O Yan Do' Ne Legendary Animal Kill the legendary moose, O Yan Do' Ne. Found at the center of Vinland.
Flight of Fancy World Event Located northwest of the map. Speak to the woman to obtain the event and lead the turkey back to the woman. Once that's done, talk to her again to close the event.
-- Cairn West of Tsoka'we'kowahne, stack the stones to reach the required height.
Ursine Takeover World Event Southeast of Tsoka'we'kowahne. Simply allow the bears to slaughter the man.
Asgard (9 Mysteries) Milk of Humankind World Event Far east of Asgard. The task is to free a god cow. You need to destroy the wooden wall first and move the platform to destroy the remaining wooden wall. Follow the cow to complete the event.
Noble Harts World Event Center point of Asgard on the map. Upon reaching the marker, you'll come across a deer. You just need to follow it until you reach a wealth chest.
-- Cairn South of Urangard Chasm,  stack the stones to reach the required height.
Hel's Well World Event You simply need to fight the man to complete the event. Located on the east side of Urangard Chasm.
-- Flyting

South of Ivaldi's Forge. Choose the following lines to win:

  • O’ beware what you ask for, I’ll finish the fight;
  • I’m as wise as an owl, you’re a fool of a god.
  • Well, your victory’s not what my visions portend.
Valhalla Bound World Event

East of Ivaldi's Forge. You simply need to talk to the guard that's at the marked location.

Food of the Gods World Event

East of Ivaldi's Forge, near the altar. When you find the hunter, speak to him and then kill the Alpha Wild Boar that you'll encounter.

-- Offering Altar You need to provide 30 Ymir’s Tear Stones that are scattered across Asgard,
Njord’s Lament World Event Head to the small northern island of Asgard by boat and when you arrive, bring back the drunkard to shore to complete the event.
Jotunheim (8 Mysteries) Aegir's Daughters World Event Head to Aegir's Hall and speak to the woman until you exhaust all of the dialogues until the option "Let's Drink" shows. Once you're sober, check the item on the ground and head to the large wooden cauldron that's outside. Check the broken wooden boat and then head to the roof of the opposite house to examine the barrels.
-- Flyting

Northeast of Thrym's House. Choose the following lines to win:

  • I should like to see you try
  • They’re too dull to conquer me
  • I grow weary of your squeak
The Puppeteer World Event

East of Thrym's House. When you reach the house, go around the back so that you can shoot the lock. Head inside and check the hairbrush that's on the table. Walk around a bit until a man shouts "An intruder!" You need to defeat him first before you can speak to him, while speaking to him, you can convince him to give you the key to unlock the cage or beat him for it.

Steinnbjorn Legendary Animal

Prepare to face a level 400 power level beast. You'll find it north of Serpent's Ree and southwest of Well of Mimir.

Pit of Slaughter World Event

Located near the Grotto, southeast of Regard. Head inside the fighting pit and speak to the guard. Complete the challenge to close the event.

The Giants of Fimbulwinter World Event

South of the Enchanted Tower. Defeat the two NPCs to close this event.

-- Cairn

Located at Atgeirr, stack the stones to reach the required height.

-- Offering Altar

You need to provide 30 Ymir’s Blood Stones that are scattered across Jotunheim. The altar can be found north of Aegir's Hall.



Locations of Wealth

In Assassin's Creed Valhalla (ACV), there are 386 Wealth in total. The following page will guide you to all their Locations and how to find each Wealth (Ingots, Gear, Abilities and Cargo). Finding all the Wealth will unlock Completionist All the Way Achievements.

The Wealth in Assassin's Creed Vahalla includes:

  • ingot-assassins-creed-wiki-guideIngot
  • gear-assassins-creed-wiki-guideGear
  • ability-assassins-creed-wiki-guideAbility
  • cargo-assassins-creed-wiki-guideCargo

They are a type of Collectible that gets marked as golden dots on your map. To reveal the blue dots you can either synchronize the viewpoints or get close enough to them.


Wealth Guide of Assassin's Creed Valhalla






Rygjafylke (22 Wealth) -- Ingot On a rocky outcrop in Hoettrstrand
-- Ingot In a house in Avaldsnes.
Carbon Ingot Ingot Inside a house in Stavanger with a locked door. There is an archery range next to the door.
Carbon Ingot Ingot Underground in Stavanger. Enter through the secret entrance. Following the wealth marker there will be a ground entrance with a banner and a shelf blocking the way. Go through it.
-- Ingot On a watchtower to the south of Stavanger.
Carbon Ingot Ingot  In a house in the mountain area on the west of Fornburg. Shot the hanging lantern, then push the shelf to reach the chest.
Carbon Ingot Ingot   At Haervik Shipyard. Kill the War-Raid Chief and loot his body.
Carbon Ingot Ingot   Underneath Eivor's house (Heillboer). Enter the secret entrance under the rock, then move a shelf to reach the chest.
Carbon Ingot Ingot  Inside the deserted chalet. The Ornir's key is on a body at north-east, with 3 wolves.
Carbon Ingot Ingot  From the beaches of Mannskapsangrep. Head north until you see a mountainside and a pointy rock formation. Inbetween will be an abandoned longship. Behind the longship will be a small rock flatland with a frozen camp. Between the  camp and abandoned longship would be a sunken ship. Use axe to break open the hull to reach the chest.
Carbon Ingot Ingot  Inside a house at Kjotve's Fortress, use the arrow to break the back wall to reach the chest.
Carbon Ingot Ingot In a watchtower on the north of Kjotve's Fortress.
Carbon Ingot Ingot At Hyvlatonna, defeat ‘Skull-Crusher’ in single combat and loot his body.
Carbon Ingot Ingot In a cave on the west of Hyvlatonna。 You need to break 2 walls to reach the chest chamber.
Yngling Seax Gear Inside a house in Stavanger.
War Hammer Gear On a platform hanging from a tree in the Maurauder’s Den.
Bone Biter Gear Inside the house in the middle of the Ikke en Oy island.
Recurve Bow Gear Haervik Shipyard, claim down the ladder into the underground room, in a chest.
Iron-Star Gear Kjotve's Fortress, Inside a house.
Throwing Axe Fury Ability In a cave on the southwest of Nottfall.
Thorn Of Slumber Ability Near Gryttirsand, at the bottom of the watchtower. Break the floor with an arrow to reach it.
Rage of Helheim Ability On east of Kjotve's Fortress, enter the cave through a secret entrance, break the ice wall to reach the chest.
Mark of Death Ability Alrekstad. In underground basement near the eroded riverbank in the town near a house.
Hordafylke (2 Wealth) Mark of Death Ability


In the town of Alrekstad.


In an enemy camp in the north-west of Hordafylke.

Ledecestrescire (28 Wealth) -- Cargo  In Alcestre Monastery, during the Settling Down quest.
-- Cargo In Alcestre Monastery, during the Settling Down quest.
-- Cargo Raiding Sudwella Monastery.
-- Cargo Raiding Sudwella Monastery
-- Cargo Raiding Sudwella Monastery. Destroy the entrance to the building by shooting an oil jar.
-- Ingot Sudwella Monastery, Kill the Yeoman camp commander and loot the body.
-- Ingot Northeast of Sudwella Monastery, kill the Goliath enemy and loot his body. 
Skadi's Wrath Gear Ledecestrescire, in the church. Use the stairs behind a barred door, and go through the cellar to reach this.
Hidden Ones' Gloves Gear Ledecestre in Ledecestrescire. In the area named Ratae Bureau, shoot the hook holding the block to break through the floor, and make your way through the cellar.
-- Ingot In a tent in the camp.
-- Ingot Northwest of Alcestre Monastery (Velonis), destroy the hook holding the block, jump in and move the shelf to reach the chest.
Hrafn Guard Gear Northwest of Alcestre Monastery (Velonis), there's a crack in the temple wall. Shoot the lock off the door through that crack, then open the door and destroy the wooden partition to find the chest.
Harpoon Impalement Ability Velonis, Roman ruin Sewer. To the side of the main column-lined road, there will be a ladder you can descend.  Once down, break the wall and jump into the water. Climb out of the water by the hook and then use your torch or flaming arrow to blow up a pot and unlock the book of knowledge.
-- Ingot South of Tonnastadir, defeat the Skirmisher enemy and loot the body.
Carbon Ingot Ingot Looted from Glen Ford Camp
Carbon Ingot Ingot Looted from Venonis. The entrance to its basement is blocked and can be opened with a large rock hanging. Break the lock and the rock would break the blockage and create an entrance.
Huntsman Helm Gear Tonnastadir, pick up the key from the longhouse, then enter the secret passage.
Raven Distraction Ability Tonnastadir, pick up the key from the longhouse, then enter the secret passage.
Carbon Ingot Ingot Southwest of Repton, defeat the Goliath enemy and loot the body.
-- Ingot Northwest of Sudwella Monastery, defeat the Murderer enemy and loot the body.
Carbon Ingot Ingot In Templebrough Fort, within an unassuming small chest.
Carbon Ingot Ingot In Templebrough Fort, on a battlement in plain sight.
Carbon Ingot Ingot In Templebrough Fort, on a crossbowman.
Piercing Shot Ability In Templebrough Fort, in a building with guards.
Carbon Ingot Ingot In Templebrough Fort, on Pikeman.
Huntsman Cloak Gear At the north-western edge of Templebrough Fort, shoot the hooks holding the blocks and jump into the hole.
Carbon Ingot Ingot South of Alcestre Monastery, kill the Murderer and loot his body.
Carbon Ingot Ingot In Offchurch, in the crypt, move the shelf to reveal the hidden hole, then crawl through and open the chest.
Focus of the Nornir Ability In Offchurch, in the crypt.
  Gear In Offchurch, loot the Offchurch Door Key from a Skirmisher of main story path, the chest is in the next room.
Fyrd Spear Gear In Offchurch's crypt, before the Skirmisher, there's another way that leads to a destructible wall. Head through, dive in the water, and swim down through the hole to find the chest.
Grantebridgescire (21 Wealth)               Huntsman Vambraces Gear During Skal to Your Wealth in Ledecestrescire, the chest can be found in an underground pit.
-- Ingot Northwest of Earnningstone, in the watchtower. You need dive into the hole and break the wooden panels to reach the chest.
-- Ingot Earnningstone, kill the Pikeman and loot his body.
Kite Shield Gear Wandrie, in a hut surrounded by enemies.
-- Ingot Wandrie, in a house.
Rush & Bash Ability Inside a house in Ravensburg.
Huntsman Armor Gear Inside a building in Ravensburg.
-- Ingot Walden, defeat the enemy and loot the body.
Incendiary Power Trap Ability In the monastery at Walden.
Mark of Death Ability Inside a guard tower at Meldeburne. The door key can be found from the guard.
-- Cargo Inside the monastery at Meldeburne
-- Cargo Inside the monastery at Meldeburne
Carbon Ingot Ingot West of Middeltun, kill the Brandisher and loot the body.
Housecarl's Axe Gear Use the key found on Brandisher and open the door to the hut.
Huntsman Breeches Gear In Soham Hideout, in a hut.
Carbon Ingot Ingot Soham Hideout, Kill the Hurler enemy and loot his body.
-- Cargo In the Isle of Ely Monastery. Move the shelf to reach this chest.
-- Cargo In the Isle of Ely Monastery. Force open the door, destroy the wooden panel to reach this chest.
-- Cargo  In the Isle of Ely Monastery. Force open the door.
Dive Of The Valkyries Ability In the basement of Isle of Ely Monastery. (Enter from a cave at the bottom of a cliff.)
-- Ingot East of Medeshamstede Abbey, kill the cutthroat enemy and loot the body.
East Anglia (16 Wealth) Magister’s Cloak Gear In a chest a Serpent's Landing. The key is on a table in a nearby red tent.
Nickel Ingot Ingot At Brisleah farm, the key can be found behind the church, near corpses, then get inside the farmhouse, break the floor the jump down.
-- Ingot On the east of Elmenham, Kill the Hell-Raiser enemy  and loot the body.
Blinding Rush Ability At Ruined Tower, break the floor and destroy the wall using oil jars to get it.
-- Ingot At Scitthoh Farm, break the well cover get down, the chest is inside the house.
-- Ingot In Burgh Castle, you need to move shelves to reach the chest.
Axe Blizzard Ability On the northeast of king's bury, in a ruined church. At second level. 
Thor's Helmet Gear You need three daggers for this gear, acquire by defeating Daughters of Lerion: Goneril (Grantebridgescire), Cordelia (East Anglia) and Regan (East Anglia). Once you have the daggers, travel to east of King's bury, there's secret entrance to the underground catacombs. End the end of the path, use these daggers on slots on a statue to get the gear.
Magister’s Mask Gear King's Bury raid, in the main church building.
-- Ingot Pick up the King's Bury Key and use it to unlock the smaller church building.
Rush And Bash Upgrade Ability In a room of Dunwic, East Anglia. Kill the Master-At-Arms, grab his key, destroy the floor with oil jars, and jump down. Move a shelf and use the key to reach the book.
Plank and Buckler Gear  Southeast of Beodoricsworth, you can find the key on a guard in the cave system, keep going down the path, break the wooden wall. There's another wall you can break by throwing a torch through the gap.
Carolingian Longsword Gear  In a tent in middle of Forest Hideout.
-- Cargo Beodoricsworth raid.
-- Cargo  Beodoricsworth raid. 
-- Cargo  Beodoricsworth raid. 
Lunden (8 Wealth) Briton Shield Gear Investigate the tunnels that is under the Temple of Mihtras during the story mission: Walls and Shadow. You'll find a section that's boarded and you can destroy it, on the other end, you'll find the chest at the left side.
  Nickel Ingot Ingot Located inside the Temple of Sulis Minerva. Shoot the hook for the concrete to drop and break the floor. Jump into the hole and you'll find the ingot that's being guarded by a panther.
  Nickel Ingot Ingot Northwest of Londinium Amphitheater. Use Odin's Sight to find a random guard that's holding the key that you can use to unlock an open-air chest in a small pit of vipers.
  Iron-Cloud Gear East of Londinium Amphitheater. You'll find the chest in the marked building. To find the key, move the shelf to find a hole in the wall which you can slide into to find the key.
  Nickel Ingot Ingot Northeast of Londinium Amphitheater. Kill the Goliath in the area to obtain the chest key.  You'll come across a secret area that has a pool of green water. Destroy the wooden wall and swim towards the end of the tunnel to find the chest.
  Hidden Ones' Mask Gear Found inside Londinium Bureau. Climb to the top of the high structure which is wooden poles and perform a leap of faith to dive into the water.  You'll find a panel underwater that you can destroy where you'll find a blocked wall, go around it, destroy the oil jars through a window to open up the wall where you'll find the chest.
  Nickel Ingot Ingot Found inside Londinium Bureau.
  Blacksmith's Hammer Gear East of Temple of Mithras. Loot the Captain's Key first from the War Captain and climb up the tower. Destroy the wooden panel that's on the ceiling and climb to the top to find the chest.
Oxenefordscire (22 Wealth) Nickel Ingot Ingot The ingot can be obtained from one of the cutthroats in Linforda.
  Raw Materials Cargo It's inside a building near Saint Albanes Abbey. You need to force open the door where you'll find the chest.
  Raw Materials Cargo Found inside the large church in Saint Albanes Abbey 
  Raw Materials Cargo It's inside a building near Saint Albanes Abbey. You need to force open the door where you'll find the chest.
  Raw Materials Cargo Same as the previous, it's in Saint Albanes Abbey.
  Nickel Ingot Ingot Located in Evisham Abbey. You need to go around the building that's barred to gain entry. The chest is on the upper floor of the building.
  Raw Materials Cargo Located in Evisham Abbey. Look for a Standard Bearer holding the key that can unlock the building.
  Raw Materials Cargo Found inside a church in Evisham Abbey.
  Nickel Ingot Ingot Found in one of the buildings in the village of Perie. You need to use Synin to scout for the key that's hidden behind a movable boulder which is in front of the house. Inside, destroy the breakable wall that leads to a staircase of a basement.
  Magister's Vambraces Gear Located in the village of Buckingham. You need to find the key to the church which is outside a bench near the locked door. Inside the building, shoot the pulley to lower the ladder, climb to the top and you'll find the wealth chest.
  Nickel Ingot Located in a house that's guarded by a Goliath in the woods. South of Buckingham on the map. When you reach the area, head north to the house to find a key to the chest.
  Nickel Ingot Ingot Located in Leah Villa Garrison inside a room that's barred. You'll find this where the Feign Death ability is as well.
  Feign Death Ability Located in Leah Villa Garrison inside a locked room. Head east of the courtyard to find the key on top of the table.
  Nickel Ingot Ingot Located in Leah Villa Garrison, looted from an enemy.
  Magister's Robe Gear Located in Leah Villa Garrison, look for a building that has a breakable wall and a barred door. Go past the barred door and climb the ladder, you'll see a movable barricade on the left which you can interact with. Behind it is a window which you can use to get inside. Break the lock of the door and carry the fire jars and use it to destroy the breakable wall outside. Behind the wall is the chest containing the robe.
  Magisster's Trousers Gear This gear is located in Oxenforde. Head up the tower of the building where the marker is. You'll notice that there's a wooden beam you can stand on next to a glass window. Break the glass so that you can get inside and you'll see a wooden panel that you can shoot. Climb up the opening you just broke and move the barricade in front. You'll see that there's a pulley attached to a chandelier that you can break, shoot it for it to drop, and destroy the obstacle. 
  Vengeance of Thor Ability This is located in Oxenforde.
  Nickel Ingot Ingot This can be found in the Derelict Shrine of Camulus.
  Nickel Ingot Ingot This is located in Evinghou Tower.
  Nickel Ingot Ingot This can be found in the village of Hammeham.
  Man's Best Friend Ability This ability can be found on the outskirts of Lunden, in Crepelgate Fort.
  Shishi Guard Gear This shield is located in Cyne Belle Castle. You need to infiltrate the castle and head to the main room on the ground floor.
Sciropescire (12 Wealth) Brigandine Cape Gear Northwest of Quatford, you need to use oil jars to break the wall.
  Cargo In Wenlocan Abbey.
  Cargo In Wenlocan Abbey.
  Ingot On a Skirmisher at Wenlocan Outpost.
Brigandine Helm Gear In a cave in Wenlocan outpost. You need to move a boulder to get to it.
  Ingot In a chest in a house at Wesberie.
  Ingot Near Manstone Rock, in a cave.
  Ingot In the middle of Sciropescire region, west of Dhustone Quarry. You need to move the barricade to reveal the barred door, and the chest is inside the room.
  Ingot This ingot is in Dhustone Quarry. Blow up the breakable wall to reach it.
Sarcophagus Shield Gear In Dhustone Quarry, go through the crack near one of the prisoner cages, then swim across the flooded area. The gear is on a platform above.
  Ingot In Dhustone Quarry, in a hole filled with rubble.
Throwing Axe Fury Ability


Upgrade is in Caustow Castle, Sciropescire. 

Cent (27 Wealth)   Ingot East of Lunden, at the Old Gravesham Bridge. You need to get through a crack in its base to get the wealth.
  Ingot Inside the Lolingestone Bandit Camp, on a mad man.
Dive of The Valkyries Ability


In the Lolingestone Bandit Camp, Cent.

  Ingot Northwest of Rouecistre Blockade, in a building. 
  Ingot In Rouecistre Blockade. 
  Ingot Near Saint Hadrian's Priority, inside the tower.
  Ingot In the cave at Chiselherst Bandit Camp.
  Cargo Raid on Tonbridge Monastery
  Cargo Raid on Tonbridge Monastery
  Cargo Raid on Tonbridge Monastery
  Cargo Raid on Tonbridge Monastery
  Cargo Raid on Racalf Monastery
  Cargo Raid on Racalf Monastery
  Cargo Raid on Racalf Monastery
  Cargo Raid on Racalf Monastery
  Ingot Near Cavern of Trials, in the underground area of a straw house.
  Ingot In Dover Fortress.
Brigandine Trousers Gear In Dover Fortress, break the floor near the docks to reach it.
  Ingot In Dover Fortress, in the building at the base of the shorter tower.
Thorn of Slumber Ability


Upgrade can be found during Dover Fortress raid.

  Ingot In Cantebury Barracks, inside a locked room.
  Ingot In Saint Martin's Church, Cantebury.
  Ingot In a chest under Dorobernia Theater in Cantebury.
Lincolnscire (18 Wealth)      
Essexe (23 Wealth)      
Suthsexe (21 Wealth)      
Eurviscire (24 Wealth)      
Jorvik (11 Wealth)      
Glowecestrescire (14 Wealth)      
Snotinghamscire (17 Wealth)      
Wincestre (10 Wealth)      
Hamtunscire (23 Wealth)      



Locations of Artifacts

In Assassin's Creed Valhalla (ACV), there are 161 Artifacts in total. The following page will guide you to all their Locations and how to find each Artifacrt (Rigsogur Fragment, Treasure Hoard Map, Flying Paper, Roman Artifact and Cursed Symbol). Finding all the Artifacts will unlock Completionist All the Way Achievements.

The Artifacts in Assassin's Creed Vahalla includes:

  • rigsogur_fragment-assassins-creed-wiki-guideRigsogur Fragment
  • treasure_hoard_map-assassins-creed-wiki-guideTreasure Hoard Map
  • flying_paper-assassins-creed-wiki-guideFlying Paper
  • roman_artifact-assassins-creed-wiki-guideRoman Artifact
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They are a type of Collectible that gets marked as white dots on your map. To reveal the blue dots you can either synchronize the viewpoints or get close enough to them.


Artifacts Guide of Assassin's Creed Valhalla





Rygjafylke (3 Artifacts) Flying Paper At Stavanger, on the roof of a house.
Flying Paper Also at Stavanger, on the roof of a house.
Treasure Hoard Map At Kjotve's Fortress region, on the ground floor of a house.
Hordafylke (2 Artifacts) Flying Paper On the south side of Alrekstad town,  on a tree branch.
Flying Paper In the east of  Alrekstad town, on a tree branch next to a large rock.
Ledecestrescire (13 Artifacts)             Rigsogur Fragment Found in Repton, in a crypt.  (Enter through a large building with fence.)
Flying Paper On the west side of Repton, on a watch tower.
Cursed Symbol East of Tonnastadir, hanging in-between two trees
Flying Paper Can be found within Tamworth Fortress, you can see the flying paper when you reached the wooden scaffolding.
Cursed Symbol North of the Ragnarsson War Camp, in a burned-out building.
Treasure Hoard Map In the town of Venonis, near the dock, there's an opening that leads to the artifact.
Roman Artifact In the town of Venonis, on a pillar.
Cursed Symbol West of the Alcestre Monastery, break the wooden cover and drop down to find the artifact.
Roman Artifact South-East of the Ledecestre town, in the ruins. You need to break the wooden floor and jump in, the artifact is on the hand of a statue.
Flying Paper In the north side of Ledecestre town, on top of a house with wooden scaffolding and clothing.
Roman Artifact On north of the Ledecestre town, in a ruin with pillars. You need to climb up to a platform and throw the vase to destroy the rabble. The artifact is in the wreckage.
Roman Artifact Eastern border of the region, on the south of Tonnastadir. In a vase on a platform.
Roman Artifact South-West of Repton, move a cart to get the artifact in front of a building.
Grantebridgescire (10 Artifacts)          Treasure Hoard Map Found in Busuneen Tor. On top of a submerged tower, at the statue's hand.
Cursed Symbol North of Farnningstone, near the lake. The red curse symbol is above a corpse hanging from the large tree.
Flying Paper In the town of Duroliponte, on the tip of a beam of a half-constructed bridge.
Cursed Symbol Can be found in a cave on Northwest of Walden, break the door and squeeze in to reach the cursed symbol.
Roman Artifact To the south of the synchronization point at Wycham. There's a pit in the ruins, get inside and move the boulder to find the artifact.
Roman Artifact On the eastside of Meldeburne, there's a large building, the roman artifact is in the hand of a statue here.
Roman Artifact On the south of Wandrie, in a large building. You need to use the explosive vase blow the door to collect the artifact.
Cursed Symbol On East of Middelrun, there's a hut in the middle of a poisonous swamp. You need to follow the wooden walkway and find a board to climb up to the hut. The symbol is inside the hut.
Flying Paper In the town of Grantebridge. Inside the enemy camp, the paper is on the roof of a large building.
Rigsogur Fragment In the town of Grantebridge, inside the longhouse. You need to progress the main story to reach here.
East Anglia (10 Artifacts)          Rigsogur Fragment In Northwic, enter the building through the floor, then move the crates to reveal the way to the backroom. Shoot the wooden barricade on top of the ladder and climb up to get the artifact.
Roman Artifact In a ruined temple south to the Serpent's Landing. Dive down the pool, when you reached a fork, chose the right path, break the wall and get the artifact from a statue.
Flying Paper Northeast of Brisleah farm, On a pole sticking out of the side of the church.
Cursed Symbol North to the Northwic, up high in a tree.
Cursed Symbol On west of Brisleah Farm, enter through Grime’s Graves. Dropdown into the flooded area to see the shrunken head.
Flying Paper Northwic, on a pole near the town gate.
Cursed Symbol Southeast of Northwic, close to sea, shoot the cursed head.
Treasure Hoard Map  Edmond's Hope, east to Beodoricsworth. You can get the key at the church.
Roman Artifact  Near Theotford Forest, use the oil jar to blow the breakable floor.
Roman Artifact North to the Theotford Forest, you need to jump in a room through the roof of the church. The Artifact is hanging on the wall.
Lunden (3 Artifacts) Flying Paper Lundenwic Abbey, on tip of a beam.
Flying Paper Amphitheatre, on a ledge.
Flying Paper Londinium Bureau, on a tree branch overlooking the bureau.
Oxenefordscire (13 Artifacts)             Roman Artifact In a cave below Evinghou Tower. (squeeze through a crack on the wall) Once you are in the cavern, you need to shoot three pots to move the barrier, the artifact is on a small altar.
Roman Artifact East of Evesham Abbey, in an unnamed ruin. There's a key hidden in one corner of the courtyard, you can use it to open a a locked door on the north side of the ruins. The artifact can then be found on a table.
Roman Artifact South of Evesham Abbey, in the ruins. You need to use explosive pots to clear the rubble. Once the floor is broken, jump in and find the artifact on a table.
Flying Papers Buckingham, above the longhouse.
Cursed Symbol South of Buckingham, there's a pit filled with flammable poison gas. Throw torch to temporarily clear the path, and move quickly. At the end of the path, break the floor to find the cursed skull.
Treasure Hoard Map In a mine that you can get in from Eatun Barn to the south. Use explosive pots to destroy the wall blocking the mine entrance. Inside the mine, you will find a boulder in one of the rooms, pull it and slide through the crack to get the map. The hoard can be found at on a hill near Cyne Belle Castle.
Flying Papers Oxeneforda, on top of a beam attached to a small house’s chimney.
Rigsogur Fragment Oxeneforda, on the longboat.
Cursed Symbol Northeast of Giltern hills, on a small island in the middle of the lake. Use explosive pots to break the wall, then shoot the cursed symbol. (the pots is on another small island, be careful dont fall in the water or break the pot.)
Roman Artifact West of Saint Albanes Abbey, in a small ruin. Break the floor with fire pot and jump in, the artifact is on an altar.
Treasure Hoard Map  In a well in Hammeham. Break the cover and jump in the well to find the map.
Roman Artifact Near the river between Oxenefordscire and Hamtunscire, in a large building. You need to enter the building through an open hole, then move the barrier that blocks your way in. At the end of the path, reak the wooden wall can climb up, the artifact in on an altar.
Cursed Object East of Thaerelea Ruins, there's a narrow entrance to the cavern. Pick up an explosive pot and go forward, use your torches to clear the path, and save the pot for a breakable wall. The object can be found behind the wall.
Sciropescire (11 Artifacts) Cursed Symbol On the island in Bomere Lake, on a platform. You need to get there by climbing up the pole and follow the ropes.
Flying Paper West of Bomere Lake, near a building close to the border. 
Rigsogur Fragment In Quatford, on the desk of a hut.
Flying Paper In Quatford.
Roman Artifact In Uriconium Ruins, on an plafrom.
Cursed Symbol Southwest of Wenlocan Abbey, in a locked house. The key can be found inside a cave to the north.
Roman Artifact Near Hill Gate Remnants, in a underground area.
Treasure Hoard Map In Hill Gate Remnants, shoot the hanging cargo to break the floor, then jump down to get the map.
Cursed Symbol On the north of Evesham Abbey, inside the well.
Roman Artifact West of the Evesham Abbey, shoot down the hanging cargo to break the floor, then jump inside to get the mask.
Roman Artifact To the east of Evesham, in a crate at the bottom of Dudmastun Lake.
Cent (13 Artifacts) Cursed Symbol Northeast of Cavern of Trials, at tip of the cape. You can only aim it when you standing on top of a nearby pole.
Roman Artifact In the Lolingestone Bandit Camp, jump in from the roof to get this artifact.
Roman Artifact Southeast of Lunden, on the top of a column in a ruin. 
Cursed Symbol Northwest of Rouecistre Fortress, on a wooden platform on top of a tree. You need to climb up a short pole, and walk along the rope until finding a spot that you can shoot the skull.
Flying Paper Northwest of Canterbury, on a zip line above Saint Martin's Church.
Roman artifact Under Dorobernia Theater in Canterbury
Flying Papers On top of a pole near a hut in Canterbury.
Rigsogur Fragment In the Cantebury Seminary, on a table on the second floor.
Roman Artifact Dover Pharos, between Folcanstan and Dover Cliffs, Use the window to get in the locked building to get the artifact.
Treasure Hoard Map Dover Pharos, on top of the tower.
Flying Pages Southeast of Folcanstan, on top of a wooden structure on the beach.
Cursed Symbol Northeast of Canterbury, on an altar. Grab some fire pot to destroy it.
Cursed Symbol Southwest of Beamasfield, on top of a tree. You need to climb up on one of the tall stones to shoot it.
Lincolnscire (13 Artifacts) Cursed Symbol Northwest of Lacestone, hidden behind a wooden barricade, under one of the rocks in the pond.
Roman Artifact South of Grimsby, in a ruin. Use Incendiary Arrow on the rubble near the wall to reveal the artifact.
Rigsogur Fragment In Grimsby, north Lincolnscire, inside a longhouse.
Cursed Symbol North of Lincoln, on top of a house. Climb up to the roof to find the right spot to shoot.
Roman Artifact In Lincoln, break the cover on the well to get this artifact.
Flying Paper In Lincoln, near the bridge.
Roman Artifact Southeast of Bolingbroc Castle, use the oil jar to blow up rabbles to get the artifact.
Roman Artifact Southeast of Wvnmere Lake, you need to enter the underground ruins through a wall crack.
Flying Paper In Botolphston.
Treasure Hoard Map Inside a house near the lake. The key is on a boat.
Roman Artifact North of Crowland, there's a crack on the wall you can squeeze in. Once inside, break the barricade, climb up and destroy the pot to get the artifact.
Cursed Symbol East of Ledecestre town. Break the wooden wall of the house and find the key on upper level. Enter the adjacent house, break the wall using oil jar to get to the Cursed Symbol.
Roman Artifact Temple of Pluto, the artifact can be found at underground.
Essexe (12 Artifacts)            Roman Artifact East of Colcestre town, in roman ruins. The artifact is on a nest on one of the trees.
Rigsogur Fragment In Colcestre town, in one of the house.
Roman Artifact In Colcestre town, on roof of a house.
Roman Artifact In Colcestre town, under some hay.
Flying Paper In Colcestre town.
Flying Paper In Colcestre town.
Treasure Hoard Map In the church of Colcestre town. The key can be found on the other side of the church.
Cursed Symbol North of Colcestre town, you need to shoot the barricade and move the platform to reach the symbol.
Cursed Symbol South of Walden,  in a cage hanging from one of the trees.
Roman Artifact West of Colcestre town, in the ruins. You need to clear the rubble to reveal an opening on the ground in order to get the artifact.
Cursed Symbol Southwest of Colcestre town, past the bandit camp. The Cursed Symbol is hanging on a tree.
Roman Artifact Southwest of Wulfaswic, near the river. The artifact is in some ruins, you need to move the platfrom to find it.
Suthsexe (13 Artifacts)             Cursed Symbol Northwest corner of Suthsexe region, between Abbey's ruins and outpost, in a poisoned pit. You need to move the corpse and move the obstacle to reveal it.
Treasure Hoard Map Close to the above location, in a house.
Cursed Symbol Northeast of Guildford, you need to go underground and move the obstacles to reach the symbol.
Cursed Symbol South of Guildford, on a nest in one of the trees.
Treasure Hoard Map West of Guildford, in witch's house. You need to slide under the crevice to get the map.
Rigsogur Fragment Croindene, south of Lunden. The fragment is on the upper floor of the longhouse.
Flying Paper Croindene, south of Lunden.
Flying Paper Between Cicestre Abbey and the Cistorn Tower.
Roman Artifact Cicestre Abbey, use the zipline and drop-down midway to find the artifact on a pillar.
Treasure Hoard Map Crawleah Warehouse, the key is on a hanging body.
Roman Artifact South of Crawleah, the temple ruin. Blow up the rubble and dive down into the water to get it.
Cursed Symbol West of the Weald, in a well that has poisonous fog.
Roman Artifact At the border with Hamtunscire, on a pillar. Ride the zipline and drop-down halfway to get it.
Eurviscire (8 Artifacts) Cursed Symbol On top of a tower between Anlaf's Lookout and Donecaestre.
Flying Paper In Donecaestre.
Roman Artifact In Donecaestre. Under the fortress, there's a crack on the wall you can slide under.
Flying Paper In Donecaestre.
Cursed Symbol Northwest of Stenwege Camp, in Ritual Circle. You need to go underwater to get the key.
Cursed Symbol Northeast of Dalby Forest, climb up the fallen tree to shoot it, it's in another tree.
Treasure Hoard Map Southeast of Jorvik and northeast of Temple of Brigantia, in a ruins. The map is on top of the ruin.
Roman Artifact Southwest of Jorvik, you need to destroy the barricade and use the torch to break the wall to get the artifact.
Jorvik (5 Artifacts) Flying Paper Near Jorvik theatre.
Roman Artifact Near the bridge, climb down from the scaffoldings, walk along the wooden ledges until you find the breakable wall. Throw the oil jar to blow it and get the artifact.
Flying Paper Near the councilor's house.
Roman Artifact In the northeast part of the town, climb the column to get it.
Treasure Hoard Map Inside the church, you need to move some obstacles to reach it.
Glowecestrescire (11 Artifacts) Cursed Symbol West of Evesham Abbey, next to a house on the hill. 
Treasure Hoard Map In Sabrinas spring, around the center of the region.
Roman Artifact In the north part of the region, in a ruin. You need to go through a wall and break the wooden board to reach the artifact.
Cursed Symbol In the west of this region, above the entrance of a cave.
Roman Artifact Near the Temple of Ceres Bureau, there is a small ruin. Move the boulders to reveal the artifact.
Flying Paper In Glowecestre town.
Flying Paper In Glowecestre town.
Roman Artifact On a pillar in Glowecestre town.
Roman Artifact Just outside the town of Glowecestre, to the north. It can be found near a tree.
Cursed Symbol East of the town of Glowecestre, in-between the branches of a big tree.
Roman Artifact Northeast of the town of Glowecestre, use an explosive vase to clear the rubble blocking the hole in the ground. Then you can reach the artifact.
Snotinghamscire (8 Artifacts)     Rigsogur Fragment  In Hemthorpe, in a large building.
Flying Paper In Hemthorpe, near a hut.
Cursed Symbol Southwest of Hemthorpe, inside a cave. You need to move a rock and go through a crack to reach it.
Roman Artifact Northwest of Ulkerthorpe Fort. Near the ruin, under the rock.
Cursed Symbol  North of Thynghowe, there's a circular structure. The symbol can be found inside.
Cursed Symbol At Minninglow, inside a cave.
Treasure Hoard Map Northeast of Hemthorpe, at the Abandoned Library.
Roman Artifact In Southwest corner of the region, under a large pool of water in a ruined building.
Wincestre (5 Artifacts) Flying Paper In the northwest part of the town.
Flying Paper In the northeast part of town.
Flying Paper In the middle of the town, near shield makers yard.
Treasure Hoard Map In Wincestre Monastery, you can enter it through the colored window.
Treasure Hoard Map In Bishop's residence, on the upper floor. You need to break a wooden barricade to reach it.
Hamtunscire (8 Artifacts) Cursed Symbol On an island in the southern part of this region. Use ropes to reach the central platform in the tree to shoot the cursed symbol.
Treasure Hoard Map In Fearnhamme, near the eastern border of the region. Break the floor and jump in the crack to reach the map.
Flying Paper North of Fearnhamme, near the Calieva Outpost. The paper can be found on a pillar.
Roman Artifact In northeast corner of the region, in some ruins. You need to break the floor and then jump through the hole to get it.
Roman Artifact Southwest of Wincestre, near Wishtman's Wood. Destroy the cover of a well and jump in, the artifact is behind some blockade.
Roman Artifact In southwest corner of the region, near Werham. 
Flying Paper In the northwest corner of the region, Aethelnay. The paper can be found above the rooftop of a builing.
Cursed Symbol Northwest of Readingun Abbey, on a hill. Move the body near the pool of blood to find the symbol.

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