Region Mercia
Suggested Power 20
Wealth 22
Mysteries 16
Artifacts 13

Ledecestrescire is one of the Locations within the Mercia region in Assassin's Creed: Valhalla (AC: V). Players can access locations by progressing in the game's story. A location can be part of a Clan's territory, see the Settlement page if you want to learn more information about your own turf.





Quests in Ledecestrescire

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Enemies in Ledecestrescire

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Sub-Locations in Ledecestrescire


Mysteries, Artifacts & Wealth in Ledecestrescire

These notable Mysteries, Artifacts & Wealth can be found at this location:

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-- Cargo  In Alcestre Monastery, during the Settling Down quest.
-- Cargo In Alcestre Monastery, during the Settling Down quest.
-- Cargo Raiding Sudwella Monastery.
-- Cargo Raiding Sudwella Monastery
-- Cargo Raiding Sudwella Monastery. Destroy the entrance to the building by shooting an oil jar.
-- Ingot Sudwella Monastery, Kill the Yeoman camp commander and loot the body.
-- Ingot Northeast of Sudwella Monastery, kill the Goliath enemy and loot his body. 
  Gear Ledecestrescire, in the church. Use the stars behind a bared door, and go through the cellar to reach this.
  Gear Ledecestrescire in the Ratae Bureau, shoot the hook holding the block to break through the floor.
-- Ingot In a tent in the camp.
-- Ingot Northwest of Alcestre Monastery (Velonis), destroy the hook holding the block, jump in and move the shelf to reach the chest.
  Gear Northwest of Alcestre Monastery (Velonis), there's a crack in the temple wall. Shoot the lock off the door through that crack, then open the door and destroy the wooden partition to find the chest.
Harpoon Impalement Ability Velonis, Roman ruin Sewer. To the side of the main column-lined road, there will be a ladder you can descend.  Once down, break the wall and jump into the water. Climb out of the water by the hook and then use your torch or flaming arrow to blow up a pot and unlock the book of knowledge.
-- Ingot South of Tonnastadir, defeat the Skirmisher enemy and loot the body.
  Gear Tonnastadir, pick up the key from the longhouse, then enter the secret passage.
Raven Distraction Ability Tonnastadir, pick up the key from the longhouse, then enter the secret passage.
-- Ingot Southwest of Repton, defeat the Goliath enemy and loot the body.
-- Ingot Northwest of Sudwella Monastery, defeat the Murderer enemy and loot the body.
-- Ingot In Templebrough Fort, on a battlement in plain sight.
-- Ingot In Templebrough Fort, on a crossbowman.
Piercing Shot Ability In Templebrough Fort, in a building with guards.
-- Ingot In Templebrough Fort, on Pikeman.
  Gear At the north-western edge of Templebrough Fort, shoot the hooks holding the blocks and jump into the hole.
-- Ingot South of Alcestre Monastery, kill the Murderer and loot his body.
-- Ingot In Offchurch, in the crypt, move the shelf to reveal the hidden hole, then crawl through and open the chest.
Focus of the Nornir Ability In Offchurch, in the crypt.
  Gear In Offchurch, loot the Offchurch Door Key from a Skirmisher of main story path, the chest is in the next room.
  Gear In Offchurch's crypt, before the Skirmisher, there's another way that leads to a destructible wall. Head through, dive in the water, and swim down through the hole to find the chest.

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Jungulf Flyting

At Repton, choose the following lines:

  • O, to beat such a braggart will surely be fun.
  • You’re a weakling, a milksop, a cadger, a louse.
  • Your pride is appalling, and your rhyming is worse.
Skal to Your Wealth World Event On southwest of Repton, You'll need to find bear testicles and lichen. Lichen can be found in the well right behind you. Travel west and kill the bear in bear den to get the testicles.
-- Fly Agaric On south of Repton, head through the gate that the seal is facing. After each gate, it will move to face the next one in order. Pass through all 5 to finish this.
-- Standing Stones On west of Wenloch Abbey, rotate your camera so it matches following pattern:
Of Fist-Dances and Sweaty Oaths World Event  On south of Wenloch Abbey, require Charisma Level 3. Or sneak behind the building and climb up to the wooden platform, there's a note on the tree. Tell the password to the guards, and join the Fight Club.
-- Offering Altar On the southeast of Wenloch Abbey, offer 3 hare's foot.
Ledecestrescire Sauce World Event On northeast of Sudwella Monastery, get an eel for the man's sauce.
-- Cairn At Cernewood, stack the stones to reach the required height.
Sisters of the Axe World Event On south of Sudwella Monastery, you can obtain the Chruch Door Key from behind a rock overlooking the back of the church. 
The Stink-Brew World Event At Ledecestrescire, go inside the cave and kill the vipers, return to the woman with 4 viper eggs.
The Twit Saga, Part I World Event On the west of Ledecestrescire, use your torch to lit up the house. Move a shelf on the backside to get inside the house, loot the place, and open the door.
The White Lady of Tamworth World Event On southwest of Ledecestrescire, attack the man guarding the tower, then kill the coming Saxon.
-- Animus Anomaly At Kildesbig, complete the platforming section and reach the data pack.
A Skald's Lament World Event On the southeast of Alcestre Monastery, Follow the man and kill the enemies at the camp.
The Last Leaf of Fall World Event  On northwest of Nepton, talk to the girl and shoot the leaf.
 The Old Guard World Event On a small island to the west of Repton, speak to the man to obtain his house key, and then use it on his house near the huge tree in Repton. Loot the place, find the crate and return it to him.

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