Suggested Power 190
Synchronization Points ??

Northumbria is a Location in Assassin's Creed Valhalla. The Region of Northumbria is a Northern area in Britain, with a recommended power level of 190.


The name conjures visions of Hadrian's Wall, misty Jorvik, and Danish Tahnes and Saxon Housecarls staring at mobs of Howling picts through flurries of snow. Yet the name simply means"north of the Humber River" . Bloody geographers and their lack of imagination.


Northumbria Sublocations

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Northumbria Quests

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Northumbria Mysteries

All Mysteries guide for Northumbria in ACV

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Northumbria Artifacts

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Northumbria Wealth

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Northumbria Map

Complete ACV Northumbria Map



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