Region Mercia
Suggested Power  
Wealth 21
Mysteries 15
Artifacts 10

Grantebridgescire is one of the Locations within the Mercia region in Assassin's Creed: Valhalla (AC: V). Players can access locations by progressing in the game's story. A location can be part of a Clan's territory, for more information, please see the Settlements page.





Quests in Grantebridgescire

The following quests are related to this location



Enemies in Grantebridgescire

The following Enemies inhabit this location



Sub-Locations in Grantebridgescire





Wealth/Mysteries/Artifacts in Grantebridgescire

These notable Wealth/Mysteries/Artifacts can be found at this location:

[Wealth Map]




Huntsman Vambraces Gear During Skal to Your Wealth in Ledecestrescire, the chest can be found in an underground pit.
-- Ingot Northwest of Earnningstone, in the watchtower. You need dive into the hole and break the wooden panels to reach the chest.
-- Ingot Earnningstone, kill the Pikeman and loot his body.
Kite Shield Gear Wandrie, in a hut surrounded by enemies.
-- Ingot Wandrie, in a house.
Rush & Bash Ability Inside a house in Ravensburg.
Huntsman Armor Gear Inside a building in Ravensburg.
-- Ingot Walden, defeat the enemy and loot the body.
Incendiary Power Trap Ability In the monastery at Walden.
Mark of Death Ability Inside a guard tower at Meldeburne. The door key can be found from the guard.
-- Cargo Inside the monastery at Meldeburne
-- Cargo Inside the monastery at Meldeburne
Housecarl's Axe Gear West of Middeltun, kill the Brandisher and loot the body.
Huntsman Breeches Gear In Soham Hideout, in a hut.
-- Ingot Soham Hideout, Kill the Hurler enemy and loot his body.
-- Cargo In the Isle of Ely Monastery. Move the shelf to reach this chest.
-- Cargo In the Isle of Ely Monastery. Force open the door, destroy the wooden panel to reach this chest.
-- Cargo  In the Isle of Ely Monastery. Force open the door.
Dive Of The Valkyries Ability In the basement of Isle of Ely Monastery. (Enter from a cave at the bottom of a cliff.)
-- Ingot East of Medeshamstede Abbey, kill the cutthroat enemy and loot the body.

[Mysteries Map]




The Devout Troll World Event On the northwest of Isle of Ely Monastery, enrage the monkey by burning the roof, smash the pots, and kill the cow. Take the key form the stool he was sat on, use it to open the house.
The Wound Wands of Friends World Event On the west of Isle of Ely Monastery.
Degolas the Beautiful World Event On the south of Medeshamstede Abbey, get inside the house, pick up four crates, and throw them outside. Then follow the girl.
-- Offering Altar At Elisdon Alter, offer 10 Bullhead (Small) fish.
Winchell the Robesfree World Event On the south of Elisdon Alter, Steal the create of clothes, and deposit the crate next to Winchell.
The Lord of Norsexe World Event On the west of Grantebridgescire, Talk to the king, then turn back and dive into the water. Loot the body under the water and back to the king. 
The Cult of Saint Guthlac World Event On the southwest of Earnningstone, pick up the crate and follow the man south-west down the road to his friend’s house. Place it outside the house.
The Infinite Noise of Men World Event On the south of Wandrie, talk to Sebbi and wat the two brothers duke it out. You can shoot the oil jars in the garden and burn down the farm. Talk to the children afterward to finish this.
-- Standing Stones

On southwest of Walden, climb the tree just outside the circle of stones and rotate your camera so the symbol shows following pattern:


The Walloper World Event Northwest of Walden, you need to challenge and defeat the old man in fight, then open the locked door.
Fergal the Faceless Flyting At Grantebridgescire, speak to the woman, who gives you a key. Use it on the door to the house next to her and start your duel.
The Doom Book of Cats World Event North of Grantebridgescire, talk to the man about his rat problem and then walk east and talk to the woman outside a house. With level 2 Charisma, convince her to give you the key to the house. 
Path to the Wind-Blue World Event East of Middeltun, on a small island, use the torch to light the brazier. Then follow the man and light up other braziers. Kill the Saxonsin Soham Hideout, then return to the man.
-- Fly Agaric Southeast of Isle of Ely Monastery, light three of the five braziers to complete.
Goneril Daughter or Lerion North of Isle of Ely Monastery, be prepared when you decide to fight Goneril.

[Artifacts Map]




Grantebridgescire (10 Artifacts)          Treasure Hoard Map Found in Busuneen Tor. On top of a submerged tower, at the statue's hand.
Cursed Symbol North of Farnningstone, near the lake. The red curse symbol is above a corpse hanging from the large tree.
Flying Paper In the town of Duroliponte, on the tip of a beam of a half-constructed bridge.
Cursed Symbol Can be found in a cave on Northwest of Walden, break the door and squeeze in to reach the cursed symbol.
Roman Artifact To the south of the synchronization point at Wycham. There's a pit in the ruins, get inside and move the boulder to find the artifact.
Roman Artifact On the eastside of Meldeburne, there's a large building, the roman artifact is in the hand of a statue here.
Roman Artifact On the south of Wandrie, in a large building. You need to use the explosive vase blow the door to collect the artifact.
Cursed Symbol On East of Middelrun, there's a hut in the middle of a poisonous swamp. You need to follow the wooden walkway and find a board to climb up to the hut. The symbol is inside the hut.
Flying Paper In the town of Grantebridge. Inside the enemy camp, the paper is on the roof of a large building.
Rigsogur Fragment In the town of Grantebridge, inside the longhouse. You need to progress the main story to reach here.




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