Settlement Guide for Ravenstorpe showing all upgrades in Assassin's Creed Valhalla is a complete guide to the player character's base of operations. The Settlement of Ravensthorpe in AC:V is a feature of the game where players are given the opportunity to grow and customize their own community. Building a settlement highlights the feature of recruiting new clan members, building and upgrading structures, improving equipment, discovering new options, and much more. This page covers a guide and information on how to build a settlement, as well as various cosmetics, items, and other unlockables that can be used for a player's settlement.


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Assassin's Creed Valhalla Settlement Guide All Upgrades

Where is your Settlement?

You will first unlock your settlement during the quest ?? - and you'll want to get acquainted with it and the many services available as soon as possible. Ravensthorpe will serve as your base of operations and as a hub for interaction with many important merchants, quest item collectors, map dispensers and customization for your character.

Ravensthorpe is located in Mercia, along the norther border between Grantebridgescire and Ledecestrescire. The settlement is marked by a teal color icon depicting a longhouse.

How to get Supplies and Raw Materials to Upgrade?

If you are wondering how to upgrade your settlement: You have to go on Raids. Doing raids will reward you with Supplies and Raw Materials, which are used for building expansion.



Settlement Upgrades by Level


Level 4

?00 Supplies, ?? Raw Materials per construction

  • ??
  • ??
  • ??
  • ??
  • ??


Level 5

?00 Supplies, ?? Raw Materials per construction

  • ??
  • ??
  • ??
  • ??
  • ??


Level 6

?00 Supplies, ?? Raw Materials per construction

  • ??
  • ??
  • ??
  • ??
  • ??



List of Settlement Services

The Fishing Hut

Merton and his grandson Arth run this fishery. They will reward you for deliveries of fish. Building this shop unlocks the Fishing Line. Building costs 600 Box, 45 Grain



This option allows you to Pick your 2nd in Command. This is your customizable raider that can be shared as a Viking Mercenary to go out and play Online. Online play is Asynchronous. You can customize the appearance of your viking by selecting from your unlocked appearances for armor and weapons.

You can pick from the following options, and once you have selected you will not be able to change their gender or appearance.

  • Tassi the Gutless
  • Brusi the Baneful
  • Hundigeirr Milk-Drinker
  • Folkmarr Ghost-Face
  • Haurr Wisdom-Slope
  • Gialli Sunken-Face
  • Audgeirr the Deep-Minded



Gunnar, The Blacksmith provides Weapon and Armor Enhancements. "Bringing ingots to the Settlement's forge will allow Gunnar to enhance armor and weapons. Doing so will unlock Rune Slots, increase the pieces' Upgrade Limit and may improve its Appearance". Visit the Upgrades and Enhancement Guide page for a full list of what can be done.



Expert craftsman Gurun can modify your longship, so long as she has the right cosmetic scheme. Return with new schemes to unlock and apply new customizations. Shipyard guide to all Longship Cosmetics has information and images of shipyard customisation.

You can use this merchant to customize the visuals of your ship


  • Seer Hull
  • Raven Clan Hull
  • Wanderlust Hull


  • Seer Sail
  • Raven Clan Sail
  • Wanderlust Sail


  • Seer Shields
  • Raven Clan Shields
  • Wanderlust Shields


  • Seer Figurehead
  • Raven Clan Figurehead
  • Wanderlust Figurehead


  • Seer Tailpiece
  • Raven Clan Tailpiece
  • Wanderlust Tailpiece


Hunwald and Swanburrow's house

Feast Buff Building

A house for Sunwald and Swanburrow. Improves the Feast Buff. +2.5 Assassination Damage. 400 supplies 30 raw materials.


Cattle farm

Feast Buff Building

A family-owned cattle farm. Improves the Feast Buff. +3.0 Range Damage. 800 supplies 60 raw materials.



The cartographer offers maps that will pinpoint valuable items and resources you may have missed. 800 supplies 60 raw materials. Once you have built a structure, Olsen will provide maps for sale in exchange for Silver, the in-game currency.

Cartographer Intel: Hidden treasures can be found all over England if you know where to look. For a price, your cartographer, Olsen, can provide you with  the coordinates to these lost treasures. When you buy a map, the coordinates are automatically added to your in-game map so you don't have to refer to any specific item, just follow your game compass or map to find the items (they will glow yellow on your map). 


All maps are by Territories

  • Ability Map: This map indicates the location of an unknown Ability. Cost 50 silver, stock 4
  • Gear Map: This map indicates the location of a hidden piece of Gear. Cost 35 silver, stock 7
  • Ingot Map: This map indicates the location of a hidden Ingot. Cost 15 silver, Stock 4
  • Raw Materials Map: This map indicates the location of hidden Raw Materials. Cost 35 silver, stock 5


Settlement Decorative Elements

These pillars allow you to place a decorative element near the marker. The element does not cost materials. Elements are unlocked by completing in-game events.  There are multiple spots of these decorative spots within the settlement. Settlement Decorations talks in detail with locations, unlocks and appearances of said unlocks.

  • Cosmetic
  • Stone Well
  • Hollowed Monolith
  • Archery Target
  • Weapon Rack
  • Roman Gladiator Statue
  • Roman Bath Statue


Assassin's Creed Bureau

There are training dummies around the building that can be used to practice your stealth takedowns and skills.


Tattoo and Barber

Customize Eivor's look at Svend & Tove's tatoo shop. Bring them cosmetic schemes to access a wider variety of styles. A more in depth look Tattoos and Hairstyles

Tattoo Shop - Head

  • Raven Guard (head)
  • Valhalla Blessing
  • Norse Emblem
  • Hel Sign
  • Jormungandr

Tattoo Shop - Chest

  • Valhalla Blessing
  • Norse Emblem
  • Hel Sign
  • Jormungandr

Tattoo Shop - Left Arm

  • Norse Emblem
  • Jormungandr
  • Hel Sign
  • Valhalla Blessing

Tattoo Shop - Right Arm

  • Norse Emblem
  • Jormungandr
  • Hel Sign
  • Valhalla Blessing

Tattoo Shop - Back

  • Norse Emblem
  • Hel Sign
  • Valhalla Blessing
  • Jormungandr


  • Classic Beard
  • Shaved
  • Fancy Beard
  • Original Beard
  • Exotic Beard
  • Combed Beard


  • Classic Hair (Blond)
  • Shaved (Dark Brown)
  • Shaved (Red)
  • Shaved (Light Brown)
  • Classic Hair (Light Brown)
  • Classic Hair (Dark Brown)
  • Shaved (Blond)
  • Classic Hair (Red)


Grain farm

Feast Buff Building

A farm that grows and harvests the settlement's grain. Improves the Feast buff. +3.0 Armor. Costs 800 supplies, 60 raw materials.


Hunter's Hut

This is where you'll report your Legendary Animals and Hunter Deliveries.

Legendary Animals: Hunt down legendary animals and deliver their pelts to receive a reward and a hunting trophy in the longhouse. Legendary animals can be found throughout the world. The log will update when an animal is discovered or when it has been slain. Returning its trophy to Wallace will grant you many rewards, including a memento of the victorious hunt.

Hunter Deliveries: As your settlement grows, so do its needs. Offer the goods needed for a Delivery and you will be amply rewarded.

  • Valka's Brew: Valka wants to make a potion out of some rather strange animal parts. 5x Deer Hoof (Druids grind them to powder for potions), 3x Raindeer Antler (Used for making simple knives). Rewards: Rune
  • Farmer's Fertilizer: The farmers are seeking materials for bone meal and mulch. 6x Wild Boar Tusk (Useful when digging up turnips), 4x Deer Hoof (Druids grind them to powder for potions). Rewards: Rune
  • Children's Crafts: The children want to be as stylish and deadly as Eivor. They crave adornments of fur and bone. 4x Raindeer Antler (Used for making simple knives), 2x Wild Boar Tusk (Useful when digging up turnips). Rewards: Rune
  • Ship Decorations: Gudmund needs animal parts for his latest ship decoration. 5x Wild Boar Tusk (Useful when digging up turnips), 3x Wolf Claw (Bandits wear these around their necks to showcase their strength), 2x Raindeer Antler (Used for making simple knives), . Rewards: Ingot
  • Purely Ornamental: Tove seeks a few bones to make adornments for her hair. 7x Brown Bear Fur (Soft and downy), 5x Raindeer Antler (Used for making simple knives), 4x Heron Beak (A long, sharp beak from the majestic heron). Rewards: ??
  • Al Fresco: Octavian wishes to hold a Roman feast. He seeks interesting meats. 5x Wolf Claw (Bandits wear these around their necks to showcase their strength). 3x Lynx Paw (Usually the lynx wins but not this time). Rewards: Rune.
  • Wallace vs Gunnar: Wallace and Gunnar are having an eating contest at the next feast. They need supplies. 6x Fox Fur (Much prized by ealdormen as an adornment), 4x Hare's Foot (Lucky you, not so lucky him), 3x Dog Fang (blood-stained). Rewards: Rune
  • Keeping Warm: Fur is needed to make more blankets for the dormitories. 4x Fox Fur (Much prized by ealdormen as an adornment), 2x Hare's Foot (Lucky you, not so lucky him), 2x Dog Fang (blood-stained) Rewards: Rune.
  • Fur for My Horses: Apparently, horses, already furry, need fur blankets as well. Or so Rowan insists. 5x Brown Bear Fur (Soft and downy), 3x Hare's Foot (Lucky you, not so lucky him) , 2x Animal Bone (Useful as a very large toothpick). Rewards: ??
  • Bone Brew: Tekla claims she will be making something called a "bone brew" as her next ale. Perhaps it will taste better than it sounds. 7x Brown Bear Fur (Soft and downy), 5x Black Bear Fur (Warm and Cozy), 4x Animal Guts (Really quite messy), 3x Wild Boar Tusk (Useful when digging up turnips). Rewards: ??



Feast Buff Building

The brewery is where Tekla creates the finest ale in the land. Improves the Feast buff. +25.0 Health. Cost 600 supplies, 45 Raw Materials



Yanli the merchant has a list of deliveries that you can do for her, in exchange for payment. Merchants can be found in every large town. You may buy essential and rare items from them, or sell them your trinkets and valuable goods in exchange for silver. Merchants can be found in every large town.

Buy General:



Cosmetic Schemes




Feast Buff Building

The bakery is where bread-master Tarben rules. Improves the Feast buff. +25.0 Health. Building Cost 600 supplies, 45 Raw Materials


Roman artifacts

Octavian Claudius Brtiannicus is a collector of roman relics where you can give roman relics to.Would most likely relate to Roman decorations for the settlement. 


 Alvis and Holger's House/Flyting

Feast Buff Building

Alvis and Holger's home. A place of art and arguments. Improves the Feast buff. +2.5 Assassination Damage. Building Cost 800 supplies, 60 Raw Materials

Alvis also trains flyting in the settlement.


Stable and Aviary 

This building is where you can purchase animals such as horses and Birds used in the game and where you can train mounts as well. Animal trainers can be found near every large town, and allow to purchase and customise your animals.

Horse Training available

  • Swimming Training
  • Endurance Training
  • Strength Training

Horses available

  • Pomers
  • Lebryt - 260 Silver
  • Passelande - 360 Silver
  • Gringoler - 280 Silver
  • Gluttony - 270 Silver
  • Llamerei - 360 Silver
  • Parsifal - 260 Silver
  • Abelard - 280 Silver

Avians available

  • Synin
  • Black and White - 650 Silver
  • Blue Shades - 500 Silver
  • Savage - 390 Silver


Seer's hut

Valka the  seer can help you awaken your senses and delve into strange visions. Building Cost 800 supplies, 60 Raw Materials.


The Main Hall

This building allows you to interact with some of its objects and would also be where Randvi and the Alliance map is. It would most likely be used for some cutscenes.


Alliance Map

In order to continue the development of the settlement in England, forging alliances with other clans is a must. As pledges are completed and allies are made, other territories will be made available.


Eivor's personal room

 A place where EIvor can rest and also receive letters from other characters.

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