Armor in Assassin's Creed Valhalla is used by Eivor to obtain defensive properties and unique various effects against different enemy and boss situations. Armor does not only grant defenses but it also changes the appearance of Eivor once a specific armor is equipped. Armor can be obtained as rewards from completing quests, purchased or crafted from a blacksmith, looted off from enemies, chests, or locations, and are dropped by enemies and bosses. This page covers a list of all the Armor sets and pieces in Assassin's Creed Valhalla.

There are a total of 8 equipment slots for the player character. Of those, 5 are for Armor: Hood or Cloak, Helm, Chest, Arms and Boots or Legs.

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Armor Protection Stats

  • Armor - Your base defense against all Damage
  • Light Resistance - Your base defense against Light Attacks
  • Heavy Resistance - Your base defense against Heavy Attacks
  • Weight - Impacts your mobility
  • Evasion - Impacts your Dodge Speed
  • Sets - AC:V features Sets with special bonuses for equipping many pieces of the same set.
  • Runes - AC:V features Runes that can be slotted into weapons and armor to increase bonuses.
  • Skill Line - All armor is differentiated into the Skill Tree that it aligns with: Raven Skills, Bear Skills or Wolf Skills.


Assassin's Creed Valhalla Armor




Raven Armor Sets

Raven Clan Set


Increase Armor the lower your Health is.

Additional increase to Critical Chance.

Hidden Ones Set


Increases Assassination Damage when crouched and undetected for 10s.

Additional increases to Headshot Damage.

Mentor's Set


Increase Attack after Critical Hits.

Additional increase to Speed.

Magister's Set


Increase Melee Damage at night.

Additional increase to Ranged Damage.

Huldufolk Set


Increase Attack after an Assassination (up to 5 times).

Additional increase to Speed and Armor.



Bear Armor Sets

Brigandine Set


Increase Armor when surrounded by more than 2 enemies.

Additional increase to Melee Damage.

Valkyrie Set


Increase Speed after a Dive of the Valkyries.

Additional increase to Armor and Attack.

Berserker Set


Increases Speed when taking damage until you Heal yourself (up to 5 times)

Additional increase to Attack and Armor

Thor's Set


Increase Speed when stunning an enemy.

Additional increase to Stun.

Thegn's Set


Increase Critical Chance when parrying.

Additional increase to Critical Damage.

Hel's Damnation Set


Increase Armor when weapon is ignited.

Restore some health on hit when Weapon is ignited.

Carolingian Set


At low Health, getting hit temporarily increase Armor.

When High Life, successful hits have a chance of increasing Attack.









Wolf Armor Sets

Draugr Set


Increase Attack when hitting a poisoned enemy.

Additional increase to Speed and Stun.

Huntsman Set


Increase Range Damage when hitting enemies further than 20m away.

Additional increase to Speed.

Galloglach Set


Increase Melee Resistance when hitting enemies with finishers.

Additional increases to Melee Damage.

Arenhare 'ko:wa Set


Increase Ranged Damage when full Health.

Slowly regenerate Health when below 50%.

Einherjar Set


Increase Attack after each Kill (Up to 3 times)

Give a small amount of life after 3 kills.




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