World Events are a new system of side quests that can be found all over England in Assassin's Creed Valhalla. Marked by glowing green spots on your map and when using Odin Sight, these points of interest usually include characters in need of some form of assistance, and you'll be rewarded with experience for completing them. Most World Events are fairly short and simple in nature, but will provide some interesting opportunities not presented in the main narrative.

In Assassin's Creed Valhalla, World Events are categorized as a type of  Mysteries, see our Mysteries page for more information.


World Events in Assassin's Creed Valhalla






Rygjafylke  The Silver-Tongued Traitor World Event On the northwest of Stavanger, talk to Sulke.
Raider Recruit World Event At Stavanger, talk to the old man, and defeat 3 opponents in fist fights.
The Hunt for Honor World Event On the southwest of Stavager, near the coast. 
The Plight of the Warlock World Event Found on the northeast of Gryttirsand, follow the hunter and talk to the Warlocke. Then you can choose a side or just leave it.
The Dreamwalking Warrior World Event To the east of Valka's Hut, talk to the sleeping warrior and follow him.
Comb of Champions World Event   On the northeast of Fornburg, the poem on the bench offers the hint that comb is near the waterfall. Dive down to the furthest rock in the lake and find the hole. Use Odin's sight to make the comb show up.
Old Man on the Edge World Event Help the old man at the northwest of Kjotve's Fortress, throw the crates off the cliff.
A Desperate Bounty World Event  On the northwest of Haervik Shipyard, follow the man north to the forest and kill the bandits.
A New England World Event   On the island northwest to Heillboer.
Ledecestrescire Skal to Your Wealth World Event On southwest of Repton, You'll need to find bear testicles and lichen. Lichen can be found in the well right behind you. Travel west and kill the bear in bear den to get the testicles.
Of Fist-Dances and Sweaty Oaths World Event  On south of Wenloch Abbey, require Charisma Level 3. Or sneak behind the building and climb up to the wooden platform, there's a note on the tree. Tell the password to the guards, and join the Fight Club.
Ledecestrescire Sauce World Event On northeast of Sudwella Monastery, get an eel for the man's sauce.
Sisters of the Axe World Event On south of Sudwella Monastery, you can obtain the Chruch Door Key from behind a rock overlooking the back of the church. 
The Stink-Brew World Event At Ledecestrescire, go inside the cave and kill the vipers, return to the woman with 4 viper eggs.
The Twit Saga, Part I World Event On the west of Ledecestrescire, use your torch to lit up the house. Move a shelf on the backside to get inside the house, loot the place, and open the door.
The White Lady of Tamworth World Event On southwest of Ledecestrescire, attack the man guarding the tower, then kill the coming Saxon.
A Skald's Lament World Event On the southeast of Alcestre Monastery, Follow the man and kill the enemies at the camp.
The Last Leaf of Fall World Event  On northwest of Nepton, talk to the girl and shoot the leaf.
 The Old Guard World Event On a small island to the west of Repton, speak to the man to obtain his house key, and then use it on his house near the huge tree in Repton. Loot the place, find the crate and return it to him.
Grantebridgescire The Devout Troll World Event On the northwest of Isle of Ely Monastery, enrage the monkey by burning the roof, smash the pots, and kill the cow. Take the key form the stool he was sat on, use it to open the house.
The Wound Wands of Friends World Event On the west of Isle of Ely Monastery.
Degolas the Beautiful World Event On the south of Medeshamstede Abbey, get inside the house, pick up four crates, and throw them outside. Then follow the girl.
Winchell the Robesfree World Event On the south of Elisdon Alter, Steal the create of clothes, and deposit the crate next to Winchell.
The Lord of Norsexe World Event On the west of Grantebridgescire, Talk to the king, then turn back and dive into the water. Loot the body under the water and back to the king. 
The Cult of Saint Guthlac World Event On the southwest of Earnningstone, pick up the crate and follow the man south-west down the road to his friend’s house. Place it outside the house.
The Infinite Noise of Men World Event On the south of Wandrie, talk to Sebbi and wat the two brothers duke it out. You can shoot the oil jars in the garden and burn down the farm. Talk to the children afterward to finish this.
The Walloper World Event Northwest of Walden, you need to challenge and defeat the old man in fight, then open the locked door.
The Doom Book of Cats World Event North of Grantebridgescire, talk to the man about his rat problem and then walk east and talk to the woman outside a house. With level 2 Charisma, convince her to give you the key to the house. 
Path to the Wind-Blue World Event East of Middeltun, on a small island, use the torch to light the brazier. Then follow the man and light up other braziers. Kill the Saxonsin Soham Hideout, then return to the man.




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