Region Wessex
Suggested Power  
Wealth 23
Mysteries 12
Artifacts 12

Essexe is one of the Locations within the Wessex region in Assassin's Creed: Valhalla (AC: V). Players can access locations by progressing in the game's story. A location can be part of a Clan's territory, for more information, please see the Settlements page.





Quests in Essexe

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Enemies in Essexe

The following Enemies inhabit this location



Sub-Locations in Essexe





Wealth/Mysteries/Artifacts in Essexe

These notable Wealth/Mysteries/Artifacts can be found at this location:


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[Artifacts Map]



Roman Artifact East of Colcestre town, in roman ruins. The artifact is on a nest on one of the trees.
Rigsogur Fragment In Colcestre town, in one of the house.
Roman Artifact In Colcestre town, on roof of a house.
Roman Artifact In Colcestre town, under some hay.
Flying Paper In Colcestre town.
Flying Paper In Colcestre town.
Treasure Hoard Map In the church of Colcestre town. The key can be found on the other side of the church.
Cursed Symbol North of Colcestre town, you need to shoot the barricade and move the platform to reach the symbol.
Cursed Symbol South of Walden,  in a cage hanging from one of the trees.
Roman Artifact West of Colcestre town, in the ruins. You need to clear the rubble to reveal an opening on the ground in order to get the artifact.
Cursed Symbol Southwest of Colcestre town, past the bandit camp. The Cursed Symbol is hanging on a tree.
Roman Artifact Southwest of Wulfaswic, near the river. The artifact is in some ruins, you need to move the platfrom to find it.



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