Region Wessex
Suggested Power  
Wealth 23
Mysteries 14
Artifacts 8

Hamtunscire is one of the Locations within the Wessex region in Assassin's Creed: Valhalla (AC: V). Players can access locations by progressing in the game's story. A location can be part of a Clan's territory, for more information, please see the Settlements page.





Quests in Hamtunscire

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Enemies in Hamtunscire

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Sub-Locations in Hamtunscire





Wealth/Mysteries/Artifacts in Hamtunscire

These notable Wealth/Mysteries/Artifacts can be found at this location:


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Cursed Symbol On an island in the southern part of this region. Use ropes to reach the central platform in the tree to shoot the cursed symbol.
Treasure Hoard Map In Fearnhamme, near the eastern border of the region. Break the floor and jump in the crack to reach the map.
Flying Paper North of Fearnhamme, near the Calieva Outpost. The paper can be found on a pillar.
Roman Artifact In northeast corner of the region, in some ruins. You need to break the floor and then jump through the hole to get it.
Roman Artifact Southwest of Wincestre, near Wishtman's Wood. Destroy the cover of a well and jump in, the artifact is behind some blockade.
Roman Artifact In southwest corner of the region, near Werham. 
Flying Paper In the northwest corner of the region, Aethelnay. The paper can be found above the rooftop of a builing.
Cursed Symbol Northwest of Readingun Abbey, on a hill. Move the body near the pool of blood to find the symbol.



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