Suggested Power 250
Wealth 17
Mysteries 15
Artifacts 8

Snotinghamscire is one of the Locations within the NORTHUMBRIA region in Assassin's Creed: Valhalla (AC: V). Players can access locations by progressing in the game's story. A location can be part of a Clan's territory, for more information, please see the Settlements page.





Quests in Snotinghamscire

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Enemies in Snotinghamscire

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Sub-Locations in Snotinghamscire





Mysteries, Wealth and Artifacts in Snotinghamscire

These notable Mysteries/Artifacts can be found at this location:

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[Artifacts Map]



Rigsogur Fragment In Hemthorpe, in a large building.
Flying Paper In Hemthorpe, near a hut.
Cursed Symbol Southwest of Hemthorpe, inside a cave. You need to move a rock and go through a crack to reach it.
Roman Artifact Northwest of Ulkerthorpe Fort. Near the ruin, under the rock.
Cursed Symbol North of Thynghowe, there's a circular structure. The symbol can be found inside.
Cursed Symbol At Minninglow, inside a cave.
Treasure Hoard Map Northeast of Hemthorpe, at the Abandoned Library.
Roman Artifact In Southwest corner of the region, under a large pool of water in a ruined building.



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