Region Norway
Suggested Power 1
Wealth 22
Mysteries 13
Artifacts 3

Rygjafylke is one of the Locations within the Norway region in Assassin's Creed: Valhalla (AC: V). Players can access locations by progressing in the game's story. A location can be part of a Clan's territory, for more information, please see the Settlements page.



Rygjafylke a county in Western Norway, bordering the North Sea to the west, and Hordafylke to the north. An inhospitable bur farmable land, Eivor's adventures as a viking and raider begin here.


Quests in Rygjafylke

The following quests are related to this location


Enemies in Rygjafylke

The following Enemies inhabit this location



Sub-Locations in Rygjafylke



Wealth, Mysteries & Artifacts in Rygjafylke

These notable Wealth, Mysteries & Artifacts can be found at this location (Click the map to enlarge):

[Wealth Map]



Ingot On a rocky outcrop in Hoettrstrand
Ingot In a house in Avaldsnes.
Ingot Inside a house in Stavanger.
Ingot Underground in Stavanger. Enter through the secret entrance.
Ingot On a watchtower to the south of Stavanger.
Ingot In a house in the mountain area on the west of Fornburg. Shot the hanging lantern, then push the shelf to reach the chest.
Ingot At Haervik Shipyard. Kill the War-Raid Chief and loot his body.
Ingot Underneath Eivor's house (Heillboer). Enter the secret entrance under the rock, then move a shelf to reach the chest.
Ingot Inside the deserted chalet. The Ornir's key is on a body at north-east, with 3 wolves.
Ingot Inside a sunken ship. To the north of Mannskapsangrep. Use axe to break open the hull to reach the chest.
Ingot Inside a house at Kjotve's Fortress, use the arrow to break the back wall to reach the chest.
Ingot In a watchtower on the north of Kjotve's Fortress.
Ingot At Hyvlatonna, defeat ‘Skull-Crusher’ in single combat and loot his body.
Ingot In a cave on the west of Hyvlatonna。 You need to break 2 walls to reach the chest chamber.
Gear Inside a house in Stavanger.
Gear On a platform hanging from a tree in the Maurauder’s Den.
Gear Inside the house in the middle of the Ikke en Oy island.
Gear Haervik Shipyard, claim down the ladder into the underground room, in a chest.
Gear Kjotve's Fortress, Inside a house.
Ability In a cave on the southwest of Nottfall.
Ability Near Gryttirsand, at the bottom of the watchtower. Break the floor with an arrow to reach it.
Ability On east of Kjotve's Fortress, enter the cave through a secret entrance, break the ice wall to reach the chest.

[Mysteries Map]




The Silver-Tongued Traitor World Event On the northwest of Stavanger, talk to Sulke.
Manning, Fighter of Wolves Flyting

Found at Stavanger. Pick following lines:

  • What you make up in muscles, you’re lacking in spine.
  • They seem perfectly placed to give children a scare.
  • No, you’re quite like your arms: just incredibly thick.
Raider Recruit World Event At Stavanger, talk to the old man, and defeat 3 opponents in fist fights.
The Hunt for Honor World Event On the southwest of Stavager, near the coast. 
The Plight of the Warlock World Event Found on the northeast of Gryttirsand, follow the hunter and talk to the Warlocke. Then you can choose a side or just leave it.
Elk of Bloody Peaks Legendary Animal Found at the mountains on the west of Fornburg (Eigffors).
The Dreamwalking Warrior World Event To the east of Valka's Hut, talk to the sleeping warrior and follow him.
Comb of Champions World Event   On the northeast of Fornburg, the poem on the bench offers the hint that comb is near the waterfall. Dive down to the furthest rock in the lake and find the hole. Use Odin's sight to make the comb show up.
Erik Loyalskull Lost Drengr On the northwest of Hildesvini's Crag. Prepare for a tough fight when you find him.
Old Man on the Edge World Event Help the old man at the northwest of Kjotve's Fortress, throw the crates off the cliff.
 -- Fly Agaric  On Deserted Chalet island, read the note on the bench and then eat the hallucinogenic mushroom. Go through the gate next to Thor, then Freyja, and finally Odin.
A Desperate Bounty World Event  On the northwest of Haervik Shipyard, follow the man north to the forest and kill the bandits.
A New England World Event   On the island northwest to Heillboer.


[Artifacts Map]



Flying Paper At Stavanger, on the roof of a house.
Flying Paper Also at Stavanger, on the roof of a house.
Treasure Hoard Map At Kjotve's Fortress region, on the ground floor of a house.



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