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Carbon Ingot is a Crafting Materials for Assassin's Creed Valhalla (AC: V). Materials are the items used to upgrade your Equipment. Usually, materials are obtained from looting crates, chests, destroying objects, dropped by the different enemies, bosses, sold by merchants in settlements, or obtained as a reward from completing a quest.


Carbon Ingot Information

  • Ingot used to enhance the quality of a gear from Fine to Superior. Gunnar, your settlement's blacksmith, would make great use of it.



Carbon Ingot Location/How to acquire Carbon Ingot 

  • In the loot chest within the locked house in Kjotve's Fortress
  • In a watchtower on the north of Kjotve's Fortress.
  • Inside a house in Stavanger with a locked door. There is an archery range next to the door.
  • Underground in Stavanger. Enter through the secret entrance. Following the wealth marker there will be a ground entrance with a banner and a shelf blocking the way. Go through it.
  • From the beaches of Mannskapsangrep. Head north until you see a mountainside and a pointy rock formation. Inbetween will be an abandoned longship. Behind the longship will be a small rock flatland with a frozen camp. Between the  camp and abandoned longship would be a sunken ship. Use axe to break open the hull to reach the chest.
  • South of Alcestre Monastery, kill the Murderer and loot his body.
  • In a house in the mountain area on the west of Fornburg. Shot the hanging lantern, then push the shelf to reach the chest.
  • Can be looted from Glen Ford Camp
  • In Templebrough Fort, on a battlement in plain sight.
  • In Templebrough Fort, within an unassuming small chest.
  • In Templebrough Fort, on Pikeman.
  • In Offchurch, in the crypt, move the shelf to reveal the hidden hole, then crawl through and open the chest.
  • This can be found in Grantebridgescire. Look for an enemy camp which is at the northwest of Middletun. Kill the Brandisher and loot the body.
  • Inside the deserted chalet. The Ornir's key is on a body at north-east, with 3 wolves.
  • At Haervik Shipyard. Kill the War-Raid Chief and loot his body.
  • Underneath Eivor's house (Heillboer). Enter the secret entrance under the rock, then move a shelf to reach the chest.
  • At Hyvlatonna, defeat ‘Skull-Crusher’ in single combat and loot his body.
  • In a cave on the west of Hyvlatonna. You need to break 2 walls to reach the chest chamber.
  • In a house in the mountain area on the west of Fornburg. Shot the hanging lantern, then push the shelf to reach the chest.
  • Southwest of Repton, defeat the Goliath enemy and loot the body.
  • Three are rewarded from Fishing, Feeding the Birds delivery 




Carbon Ingot Notes & Tips

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