Region Mercia
Suggested Power  
Wealth 22
Mysteries 10
Artifacts 13

Oxenefordscire is one of the Locations within the Mercia region in Assassin's Creed: Valhalla (AC: V). Players can access locations by progressing in the game's story. A location can be part of a Clan's territory, for more information, please see the Settlements page.





Quests in Oxenefordscire

The following quests are related to this location



Enemies in Oxenefordscire

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Sub-Locations in Oxenefordscire





Wealth/Mysteries/Artifacts in Oxenefordscire

These notable Wealth/Mysteries/Artifacts can be found at this location:


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Roman Artifact In a cave below Evinghou Tower. (squeeze through a crack on the wall) Once you are in the cavern, you need to shoot three pots to move the barrier, the artifact is on a small altar.
Roman Artifact East of Evesham Abbey, in an unnamed ruin. There's a key hidden in one corner of the courtyard, you can use it to open a a locked door on the north side of the ruins. The artifact can then be found on a table.
Roman Artifact South of Evesham Abbey, in the ruins. You need to use explosive pots to clear the rubble. Once the floor is broken, jump in and find the artifact on a table.
Flying Papers Buckingham, above the longhouse.
Cursed Symbol South of Buckingham, there's a pit filled with flammable poison gas. Throw torch to temporarily clear the path, and move quickly. At the end of the path, break the floor to find the cursed skull.
Treasure Hoard Map In a mine that you can get in from Eatun Barn to the south. Use explosive pots to destroy the wall blocking the mine entrance. Inside the mine, you will find a boulder in one of the rooms, pull it and slide through the crack to get the map. The hoard can be found at on a hill near Cyne Belle Castle.
Flying Papers Oxeneforda, on top of a beam attached to a small house’s chimney.
Rigsogur Fragment Oxeneforda, on the longboat.
Cursed Symbol Northeast of Giltern hills, on a small island in the middle of the lake. Use explosive pots to break the wall, then shoot the cursed symbol. (the pots is on another small island, be careful dont fall in the water or break the pot.)
Roman Artifact West of Saint Albanes Abbey, in a small ruin. Break the floor with fire pot and jump in, the artifact is on an altar.
Treasure Hoard Map  In a well in Hammeham. Break the cover and jump in the well to find the map.
Roman Artifact Near the river between Oxenefordscire and Hamtunscire, in a large building. You need to enter the building through an open hole, then move the barrier that blocks your way in. At the end of the path, reak the wooden wall can climb up, the artifact in on an altar.
Cursed Object East of Thaerelea Ruins, there's a narrow entrance to the cavern. Pick up an explosive pot and go forward, use your torches to clear the path, and save the pot for a breakable wall. The object can be found behind the wall.



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