East Anglia

Suggested Power 55
Synchronization Points ??

East Anglia is a Location in Assassin's Creed Valhalla. The Region of East Anglia is a coastal area in western Britain, with a recommended power level of 55.


Once powerful Anglo-Saxon kingdom. East Anglia collapsed into a sinkhole of blood and misery under decades of war and attrition. Relentless attacks from the Mercians and then the Norse took a swift tol. Hard to believe that so many would fight over little more than bogs and swamps.


East Anglia Sublocations

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East Anglia Quests

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East Anglia Mysteries

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East Anglia Artifacts

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Rigsogur Fragment In Northwic, enter the building through the floor, then move the crates to reveal the way to the backroom. Shoot the wooden barricade on top of the ladder and climb up to get the artifact.
Roman Artifact In a ruined temple south to the Serpent's Landing. Dive down the pool, when you reached a fork, chose the right path, break the wall and get the artifact from a statue.
Flying Paper Northeast of Brisleah farm, On a pole sticking out of the side of the church.
Cursed Symbol North to the Northwic, up high in a tree.
Cursed Symbol On west of Brisleah Farm, enter through Grime’s Graves. Dropdown into the flooded area to see the shrunken head.
Flying Paper Northwic, on a pole near the town gate.
Cursed Symbol Southeast of Northwic, close to sea, shoot the cursed head.
Treasure Hoard Map Edmond's Hope, east to Beodoricsworth. You can get the key at the church.
Roman Artifact Near Theotford Forest, use the oil jar to blow the breakable floor.
Roman Artifact North to the Theotford Forest, you need to jump in a room through the roof of the church. The Artifact is hanging on the wall.


East Anglia Wealth

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East Anglia Map

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