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Leather is a Crafting Materials for Assassin's Creed Valhalla. Materials are the items used to upgrade your Equipment. Usually, materials are obtained from looting crates, chests, destroying objects, dropped by the different enemies, bosses, sold by merchants in settlements, or obtained as a reward from completing a quest.


Leather Information

  • A common material found on animals



Locations Leather

  • Can be bought from the merchant in the Fornburg
  • Can be looted from Repton
  • Can be looted from a chest with a locked door in Stavanger
  • In the house with 2 locked doors in Mannskapsangrep
  • Along the road east of Alrekstad would be a ruined house where there would be an item
  • South of Alcestre Monastery, bandit camp will be in the area.
  • Within a cave which can be accessed by a branch in the Adrift Refuge
  • When encountering Bil, in front of her is a waterfall. Behind the waterfall is a chest with the items.
  • Above the Rock and Ice formation in the middle Sjaleng Lookout. Can be accessed with the zipline above it.
  • East of Fornburg will be a small lake/pond where you will encounter the Elk of Blood Peak . Slightly south-west of that area at the end of a river would be a cave with this item.
  • Bandit camp, south west  of Repton. In the platform above the gate.
  • Can be looted from Glen Ford Camp
  • Can be looted from Templebrough Fort. It inside a jail cell with a locked door. From the see through door there would be an explosive jar inside that can be shot with an arrow. Blowing up part of the wall and creating an entrance.
  • Looted from jars and boxes in Ledecestre
  • Can be looted from chest in Offchurch
  • Can be looted from chest in Tonnastadir
  • On the west side of Stavanger there will be house with basement being hidden by some selves. Within it would be the items.
  • Can be looted from chests in Nottfall
  • Can be looted from chests in Marauder's Den
  • In the most South-West point of Rygjafylke is a wealth point where this items is.
  • In the most southern landmass of Rygjafylke, there would be a very sharp peninsula pointing north. In the tip of the peninsula in the map would be a shipwreck that host to a chest where this item is held. Eivor has to break some of the wood to get in.
  • Can be looted from chests in Haervik Shipyard
  • Underneath Eivor's house (Heillboer). Enter the secret entrance under the rock, then move a shelf to reach the chest.
  • West of Heillboer is a mountain peak with a wealth point. In the chest point marked would be the item.
  • Can be looted from Brisleah Farm
  • Drop from animals
  • Offchurch, can be looted from the same room where you will find King Burgred.
  • North East of the Fannaraki Summit would be a wealth point with a breakable door that has a chest with the items in it.
  • With the big tent in Hyvlatonna would be the items.




Leather Notes & Tips

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