Hunter Deliveries are the mini quests in Assassin's Creed Valhalla. Hunter Deliveries are about the activity of hunting legendary animals and delivering their pelts to receive a reward and or get hunting trophies for the longhouse. Legendary animals can be found throughout the world. The log will update when an animal is discovered or when it has been slain. Returning its trophies to hunters will grant you many rewards, including a memento of the victorious hunt.


Ravensthrope Hunter Deliveries

  • Valka's Brew 
    Description: Valka wants to make a potion out of some rather strange animal parts
    Requirements: 5x Deer Hoof (Druids grind them to powder for potions), 3x Raindeer Antler (Used for making simple knives).
    Rewards: Rune


  • Farmer's Fertilizer
    Description: The farmers are seeking materials for bone meal and mulch.
    Requirements: 6x Wild Boar Tusk (Useful when digging up turnips), 4x Deer Hoof (Druids grind them to powder for potions)
    Rewards: Rune





  • Al Fresco
    Description: Octavian wishes to hold a Roman feast. He seeks interesting meats.
    Requirements: 5x Wolf Claw (Bandits wear these around their necks to showcase their strength). 3x Lynx Paw (Usually the lynx wins but not this time).
    Rewards: Rune


  • Wallace vs Gunnar
    Description: Wallace and Gunnar are having an eating contest at the next feast. They need supplies.
    Requirements: 6x Fox Fur (Much prized by ealdormen as an adornment), 4x Hare's Foot (Lucky you, not so lucky him), 3x Dog Fang (blood-stained).
    Rewards: Rune


  • Fur for My Horses
    Description: Apparently, horses, already furry, need fur blankets as well. Or so Rowan insists.
    Requirements: 5x Brown Bear Fur (Soft and downy), 3x Hare's Foot (Lucky you, not so lucky him) , 2x Animal Bone (Useful as a very large toothpick).
    Rewards: ??


  • Keeping Warm
    Description: Fur is needed to make more blankets for the dormitories.
    Requirements: 4x Fox Fur (Much prized by ealdormen as an adornment), 2x Hare's Foot (Lucky you, not so lucky him), 2x Dog Fang (blood-stained)
    Rewards: Rune


  • Bone Brew
    Description: Tekla claims she will be making something called a "bone brew" as her next ale. Perhaps it will taste better than it sounds.
    Requirements: 7x Brown Bear Fur (Soft and downy), 5x Black Bear Fur (Warm and Cozy), 4x Animal Guts (Really quite messy), 3x Wild Boar Tusk (Useful when digging up turnips).
    Rewards: ??

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