In Assassin's Creed Valhalla (ACV), there are 386 Wealth in total. The following page will guide you to all their Locations and how to find each Wealth (Ingots, Gear, Abilities and Cargo). Finding all the Wealth will unlock Completionist All the Way Achievements.

The Wealth in Assassin's Creed Vahalla includes:

  • ingot-assassins-creed-wiki-guideIngot
  • gear-assassins-creed-wiki-guideGear
  • ability-assassins-creed-wiki-guideAbility
  • cargo-assassins-creed-wiki-guideCargo

They are a type of Collectible that gets marked as golden dots on your map. To reveal the blue dots you can either synchronize the viewpoints or get close enough to them.


Wealth Guide of Assassin's Creed Valhalla






Rygjafylke (22 Wealth) -- Ingot On a rocky outcrop in Hoettrstrand
-- Ingot In a house in Avaldsnes.
Carbon Ingot Ingot Inside a house in Stavanger with a locked door. There is an archery range next to the door.
Carbon Ingot Ingot Underground in Stavanger. Enter through the secret entrance. Following the wealth marker there will be a ground entrance with a banner and a shelf blocking the way. Go through it.
-- Ingot On a watchtower to the south of Stavanger.
Carbon Ingot Ingot  In a house in the mountain area on the west of Fornburg. Shot the hanging lantern, then push the shelf to reach the chest.
Carbon Ingot Ingot   At Haervik Shipyard. Kill the War-Raid Chief and loot his body.
Carbon Ingot Ingot   Underneath Eivor's house (Heillboer). Enter the secret entrance under the rock, then move a shelf to reach the chest.
Carbon Ingot Ingot  Inside the deserted chalet. The Ornir's key is on a body at north-east, with 3 wolves.
Carbon Ingot Ingot  From the beaches of Mannskapsangrep. Head north until you see a mountainside and a pointy rock formation. Inbetween will be an abandoned longship. Behind the longship will be a small rock flatland with a frozen camp. Between the  camp and abandoned longship would be a sunken ship. Use axe to break open the hull to reach the chest.
Carbon Ingot Ingot  Inside a house at Kjotve's Fortress, use the arrow to break the back wall to reach the chest.
Carbon Ingot Ingot In a watchtower on the north of Kjotve's Fortress.
Carbon Ingot Ingot At Hyvlatonna, defeat ‘Skull-Crusher’ in single combat and loot his body.
Carbon Ingot Ingot In a cave on the west of Hyvlatonna。 You need to break 2 walls to reach the chest chamber.
Yngling Seax Gear Inside a house in Stavanger.
War Hammer Gear On a platform hanging from a tree in the Maurauder’s Den.
Bone Biter Gear Inside the house in the middle of the Ikke en Oy island.
Recurve Bow Gear Haervik Shipyard, claim down the ladder into the underground room, in a chest.
Iron-Star Gear Kjotve's Fortress, Inside a house.
Throwing Axe Fury Ability In a cave on the southwest of Nottfall.
Thorn Of Slumber Ability Near Gryttirsand, at the bottom of the watchtower. Break the floor with an arrow to reach it.
Rage of Helheim Ability On east of Kjotve's Fortress, enter the cave through a secret entrance, break the ice wall to reach the chest.
Mark of Death Ability Alrekstad. In underground basement near the eroded riverbank in the town near a house.
Hordafylke (2 Wealth) Mark of Death Ability


In the town of Alrekstad.


In an enemy camp in the north-west of Hordafylke.

Ledecestrescire (28 Wealth) -- Cargo  In Alcestre Monastery, during the Settling Down quest.
-- Cargo In Alcestre Monastery, during the Settling Down quest.
-- Cargo Raiding Sudwella Monastery.
-- Cargo Raiding Sudwella Monastery
-- Cargo Raiding Sudwella Monastery. Destroy the entrance to the building by shooting an oil jar.
-- Ingot Sudwella Monastery, Kill the Yeoman camp commander and loot the body.
-- Ingot Northeast of Sudwella Monastery, kill the Goliath enemy and loot his body. 
Skadi's Wrath Gear Ledecestrescire, in the church. Use the stairs behind a barred door, and go through the cellar to reach this.
Hidden Ones' Gloves Gear Ledecestre in Ledecestrescire. In the area named Ratae Bureau, shoot the hook holding the block to break through the floor, and make your way through the cellar.
-- Ingot In a tent in the camp.
-- Ingot Northwest of Alcestre Monastery (Velonis), destroy the hook holding the block, jump in and move the shelf to reach the chest.
Hrafn Guard Gear Northwest of Alcestre Monastery (Velonis), there's a crack in the temple wall. Shoot the lock off the door through that crack, then open the door and destroy the wooden partition to find the chest.
Harpoon Impalement Ability Velonis, Roman ruin Sewer. To the side of the main column-lined road, there will be a ladder you can descend.  Once down, break the wall and jump into the water. Climb out of the water by the hook and then use your torch or flaming arrow to blow up a pot and unlock the book of knowledge.
-- Ingot South of Tonnastadir, defeat the Skirmisher enemy and loot the body.
Carbon Ingot Ingot Looted from Glen Ford Camp
Carbon Ingot Ingot Looted from Venonis. The entrance to its basement is blocked and can be opened with a large rock hanging. Break the lock and the rock would break the blockage and create an entrance.
Huntsman Helm Gear Tonnastadir, pick up the key from the longhouse, then enter the secret passage.
Raven Distraction Ability Tonnastadir, pick up the key from the longhouse, then enter the secret passage.
Carbon Ingot Ingot Southwest of Repton, defeat the Goliath enemy and loot the body.
-- Ingot Northwest of Sudwella Monastery, defeat the Murderer enemy and loot the body.
Carbon Ingot Ingot In Templebrough Fort, within an unassuming small chest.
Carbon Ingot Ingot In Templebrough Fort, on a battlement in plain sight.
Carbon Ingot Ingot In Templebrough Fort, on a crossbowman.
Piercing Shot Ability In Templebrough Fort, in a building with guards.
Carbon Ingot Ingot In Templebrough Fort, on Pikeman.
Huntsman Cloak Gear At the north-western edge of Templebrough Fort, shoot the hooks holding the blocks and jump into the hole.
Carbon Ingot Ingot South of Alcestre Monastery, kill the Murderer and loot his body.
Carbon Ingot Ingot In Offchurch, in the crypt, move the shelf to reveal the hidden hole, then crawl through and open the chest.
Focus of the Nornir Ability In Offchurch, in the crypt.
  Gear In Offchurch, loot the Offchurch Door Key from a Skirmisher of main story path, the chest is in the next room.
Fyrd Spear Gear In Offchurch's crypt, before the Skirmisher, there's another way that leads to a destructible wall. Head through, dive in the water, and swim down through the hole to find the chest.
Grantebridgescire (21 Wealth)               Huntsman Vambraces Gear During Skal to Your Wealth in Ledecestrescire, the chest can be found in an underground pit.
-- Ingot Northwest of Earnningstone, in the watchtower. You need dive into the hole and break the wooden panels to reach the chest.
-- Ingot Earnningstone, kill the Pikeman and loot his body.
Kite Shield Gear Wandrie, in a hut surrounded by enemies.
-- Ingot Wandrie, in a house.
Rush & Bash Ability Inside a house in Ravensburg.
Huntsman Armor Gear Inside a building in Ravensburg.
-- Ingot Walden, defeat the enemy and loot the body.
Incendiary Power Trap Ability In the monastery at Walden.
Mark of Death Ability Inside a guard tower at Meldeburne. The door key can be found from the guard.
-- Cargo Inside the monastery at Meldeburne
-- Cargo Inside the monastery at Meldeburne
Carbon Ingot Ingot West of Middeltun, kill the Brandisher and loot the body.
Housecarl's Axe Gear Use the key found on Brandisher and open the door to the hut.
Huntsman Breeches Gear In Soham Hideout, in a hut.
Carbon Ingot Ingot Soham Hideout, Kill the Hurler enemy and loot his body.
-- Cargo In the Isle of Ely Monastery. Move the shelf to reach this chest.
-- Cargo In the Isle of Ely Monastery. Force open the door, destroy the wooden panel to reach this chest.
-- Cargo  In the Isle of Ely Monastery. Force open the door.
Dive Of The Valkyries Ability In the basement of Isle of Ely Monastery. (Enter from a cave at the bottom of a cliff.)
-- Ingot East of Medeshamstede Abbey, kill the cutthroat enemy and loot the body.
East Anglia (16 Wealth) Magister’s Cloak Gear In a chest a Serpent's Landing. The key is on a table in a nearby red tent.
Nickel Ingot Ingot At Brisleah farm, the key can be found behind the church, near corpses, then get inside the farmhouse, break the floor the jump down.
-- Ingot On the east of Elmenham, Kill the Hell-Raiser enemy  and loot the body.
Blinding Rush Ability At Ruined Tower, break the floor and destroy the wall using oil jars to get it.
-- Ingot At Scitthoh Farm, break the well cover get down, the chest is inside the house.
-- Ingot In Burgh Castle, you need to move shelves to reach the chest.
Axe Blizzard Ability On the northeast of king's bury, in a ruined church. At second level. 
Thor's Helmet Gear You need three daggers for this gear, acquire by defeating Daughters of Lerion: Goneril (Grantebridgescire), Cordelia (East Anglia) and Regan (East Anglia). Once you have the daggers, travel to east of King's bury, there's secret entrance to the underground catacombs. End the end of the path, use these daggers on slots on a statue to get the gear.
Magister’s Mask Gear King's Bury raid, in the main church building.
-- Ingot Pick up the King's Bury Key and use it to unlock the smaller church building.
Rush And Bash Upgrade Ability In a room of Dunwic, East Anglia. Kill the Master-At-Arms, grab his key, destroy the floor with oil jars, and jump down. Move a shelf and use the key to reach the book.
Plank and Buckler Gear  Southeast of Beodoricsworth, you can find the key on a guard in the cave system, keep going down the path, break the wooden wall. There's another wall you can break by throwing a torch through the gap.
Carolingian Longsword Gear  In a tent in middle of Forest Hideout.
-- Cargo Beodoricsworth raid.
-- Cargo  Beodoricsworth raid. 
-- Cargo  Beodoricsworth raid. 
Lunden (8 Wealth) Briton Shield Gear Investigate the tunnels that is under the Temple of Mihtras during the story mission: Walls and Shadow. You'll find a section that's boarded and you can destroy it, on the other end, you'll find the chest at the left side.
  Nickel Ingot Ingot Located inside the Temple of Sulis Minerva. Shoot the hook for the concrete to drop and break the floor. Jump into the hole and you'll find the ingot that's being guarded by a panther.
  Nickel Ingot Ingot Northwest of Londinium Amphitheater. Use Odin's Sight to find a random guard that's holding the key that you can use to unlock an open-air chest in a small pit of vipers.
  Iron-Cloud Gear East of Londinium Amphitheater. You'll find the chest in the marked building. To find the key, move the shelf to find a hole in the wall which you can slide into to find the key.
  Nickel Ingot Ingot Northeast of Londinium Amphitheater. Kill the Goliath in the area to obtain the chest key.  You'll come across a secret area that has a pool of green water. Destroy the wooden wall and swim towards the end of the tunnel to find the chest.
  Hidden Ones' Mask Gear Found inside Londinium Bureau. Climb to the top of the high structure which is wooden poles and perform a leap of faith to dive into the water.  You'll find a panel underwater that you can destroy where you'll find a blocked wall, go around it, destroy the oil jars through a window to open up the wall where you'll find the chest.
  Nickel Ingot Ingot Found inside Londinium Bureau.
  Blacksmith's Hammer Gear East of Temple of Mithras. Loot the Captain's Key first from the War Captain and climb up the tower. Destroy the wooden panel that's on the ceiling and climb to the top to find the chest.
Oxenefordscire (22 Wealth) Nickel Ingot Ingot The ingot can be obtained from one of the cutthroats in Linforda.
  Raw Materials Cargo It's inside a building near Saint Albanes Abbey. You need to force open the door where you'll find the chest.
  Raw Materials Cargo Found inside the large church in Saint Albanes Abbey 
  Raw Materials Cargo It's inside a building near Saint Albanes Abbey. You need to force open the door where you'll find the chest.
  Raw Materials Cargo Same as the previous, it's in Saint Albanes Abbey.
  Nickel Ingot Ingot Located in Evisham Abbey. You need to go around the building that's barred to gain entry. The chest is on the upper floor of the building.
  Raw Materials Cargo Located in Evisham Abbey. Look for a Standard Bearer holding the key that can unlock the building.
  Raw Materials Cargo Found inside a church in Evisham Abbey.
  Nickel Ingot Ingot Found in one of the buildings in the village of Perie. You need to use Synin to scout for the key that's hidden behind a movable boulder which is in front of the house. Inside, destroy the breakable wall that leads to a staircase of a basement.
  Magister's Vambraces Gear Located in the village of Buckingham. You need to find the key to the church which is outside a bench near the locked door. Inside the building, shoot the pulley to lower the ladder, climb to the top and you'll find the wealth chest.
  Nickel Ingot Located in a house that's guarded by a Goliath in the woods. South of Buckingham on the map. When you reach the area, head north to the house to find a key to the chest.
  Nickel Ingot Ingot Located in Leah Villa Garrison inside a room that's barred. You'll find this where the Feign Death ability is as well.
  Feign Death Ability Located in Leah Villa Garrison inside a locked room. Head east of the courtyard to find the key on top of the table.
  Nickel Ingot Ingot Located in Leah Villa Garrison, looted from an enemy.
  Magister's Robe Gear Located in Leah Villa Garrison, look for a building that has a breakable wall and a barred door. Go past the barred door and climb the ladder, you'll see a movable barricade on the left which you can interact with. Behind it is a window which you can use to get inside. Break the lock of the door and carry the fire jars and use it to destroy the breakable wall outside. Behind the wall is the chest containing the robe.
  Magisster's Trousers Gear This gear is located in Oxenforde. Head up the tower of the building where the marker is. You'll notice that there's a wooden beam you can stand on next to a glass window. Break the glass so that you can get inside and you'll see a wooden panel that you can shoot. Climb up the opening you just broke and move the barricade in front. You'll see that there's a pulley attached to a chandelier that you can break, shoot it for it to drop, and destroy the obstacle. 
  Vengeance of Thor Ability This is located in Oxenforde.
  Nickel Ingot Ingot This can be found in the Derelict Shrine of Camulus.
  Nickel Ingot Ingot This is located in Evinghou Tower.
  Nickel Ingot Ingot This can be found in the village of Hammeham.
  Man's Best Friend Ability This ability can be found on the outskirts of Lunden, in Crepelgate Fort.
  Shishi Guard Gear This shield is located in Cyne Belle Castle. You need to infiltrate the castle and head to the main room on the ground floor.
Sciropescire (12 Wealth) Brigandine Cape Gear Northwest of Quatford, you need to use oil jars to break the wall.
  Cargo In Wenlocan Abbey.
  Cargo In Wenlocan Abbey.
  Ingot On a Skirmisher at Wenlocan Outpost.
Brigandine Helm Gear In a cave in Wenlocan outpost. You need to move a boulder to get to it.
  Ingot In a chest in a house at Wesberie.
  Ingot Near Manstone Rock, in a cave.
  Ingot In the middle of Sciropescire region, west of Dhustone Quarry. You need to move the barricade to reveal the barred door, and the chest is inside the room.
  Ingot This ingot is in Dhustone Quarry. Blow up the breakable wall to reach it.
Sarcophagus Shield Gear In Dhustone Quarry, go through the crack near one of the prisoner cages, then swim across the flooded area. The gear is on a platform above.
  Ingot In Dhustone Quarry, in a hole filled with rubble.
Throwing Axe Fury Ability


Upgrade is in Caustow Castle, Sciropescire. 

Cent (27 Wealth)   Ingot East of Lunden, at the Old Gravesham Bridge. You need to get through a crack in its base to get the wealth.
  Ingot Inside the Lolingestone Bandit Camp, on a mad man.
Dive of The Valkyries Ability


In the Lolingestone Bandit Camp, Cent.

  Ingot Northwest of Rouecistre Blockade, in a building. 
  Ingot In Rouecistre Blockade. 
  Ingot Near Saint Hadrian's Priority, inside the tower.
  Ingot In the cave at Chiselherst Bandit Camp.
  Cargo Raid on Tonbridge Monastery
  Cargo Raid on Tonbridge Monastery
  Cargo Raid on Tonbridge Monastery
  Cargo Raid on Tonbridge Monastery
  Cargo Raid on Racalf Monastery
  Cargo Raid on Racalf Monastery
  Cargo Raid on Racalf Monastery
  Cargo Raid on Racalf Monastery
  Ingot Near Cavern of Trials, in the underground area of a straw house.
  Ingot In Dover Fortress.
Brigandine Trousers Gear In Dover Fortress, break the floor near the docks to reach it.
  Ingot In Dover Fortress, in the building at the base of the shorter tower.
Thorn of Slumber Ability


Upgrade can be found during Dover Fortress raid.

  Ingot In Cantebury Barracks, inside a locked room.
  Ingot In Saint Martin's Church, Cantebury.
  Ingot In a chest under Dorobernia Theater in Cantebury.
Lincolnscire (18 Wealth)      
Essexe (23 Wealth)      
Suthsexe (21 Wealth)      
Eurviscire (24 Wealth)      
Jorvik (11 Wealth)      
Glowecestrescire (14 Wealth)      
Snotinghamscire (17 Wealth)      
Wincestre (10 Wealth)      
Hamtunscire (23 Wealth)      

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