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Magister's Cloak in Assassin's Creed Valhalla (ACV) is an Hood and Cloak Armor that protects the player from damage. Sometimes Armor is part of an Armor Set that provides extra bonuses if you wear all pieces. Each Armor in ACV is associated with either the Raven Skill Tree, Bear Skill Tree or Wolf Skill Tree. Any Armor can be Enhanced at any Blacksmith to increase their quality, which allows it to be Upgraded further, and can add Rune Slots to the Armor. Armor can be Upgraded a number of times to further increase their damage and effectiveness using Materials found in the world.


In-game description.


Magister's Cloak Information



Magister's Cloak Location: Where to Find Magister's Cloak

Location of the Magister's Cloak on the map.

This armor piece can be found at the Serpent's Landing island in East Anglia. Serpent's Landing is a restricted area and is guarded by enemies. You'll have no other choice but to sneak around and kill some enemies here. The wealth chest is inside a red tent that's at the west side of the enemy encampment. But it's locked and you need to find the key first which is on top of a table of a smaller red tent that's filled with logs, wood, and supplies. Click on the image above to enlarge it.



Magister's Cloak Enhancement & Upgrade Table

Upgrades Armor Evasion Light Resistance Heavy Resistance Rune Slots Materials Needed
Superior ?? ?? ?? ?? ? ??
Flawless ?? ?? ?? ?? ? ??
Mythical ?? ?? ?? ?? ? ??


Magister's Cloak Notes & Tips

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