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Leofrith is an NPC in Assassin's Creed Valhalla (ACV)NPCs are characters that can be interacted with or are shown in the game. NPCs add contrast to the game's lore, story and character progression. Some of them can be romanced, and others offer various services to Eivor.


 Leofrith rose to the rank of Mercia's war-thegn throughout King Burgred's reign. He was a strategist and a tactician, and the guiding hand behind the king's victories.

He later led Mercia's army agaisnt the Danes when they came for its throne, but by that point, he had lost his king's faith after failing to protect the city of Repton.

Time and time again, there's always one loyal soldier who never gets any credit and shoulders all the blame for the mistakes of his idiot leader.


Leofrith Location

You can find this NPC at the following locations:

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Leofrith Services & Quests

Romance: This NPC can / cannot be romanced. Conditions:

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Quests: This NPC is associated to these quests and tasks:

  • Quest 1

Services: This NPC offers ?? services

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Leofrith Notes & Tips

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