Ivarr and Ubba

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Ivarr and Ubba is an NPC in Assassin's Creed Valhalla (ACV)NPCs are characters that can be interacted with or are shown in the game. NPCs add contrast to the game's lore, story and character progression. Some of them can be romanced, and others offer various services to Eivor.


 Ivarr and Ubba Ragnarsson were two sons of the legendary Ragnar Lothbrok. When Ragnar was killed by the Northhumbrian King Aella, his sons sought revenge, and so began the invasion of the Great Heathen Army.

Legendary in their own right, Ivarr and Ubba led their army through many conquests across the Anglo-Saxon Heptarchy. They invaded Northumbria and got their revenge on Aella by way of the blood eagle, a ritual execution, the details of which I will omit, as I have just had my lunch.

From there, the brothers invaded the kingdoms of Mercia and East Anglia, yet not merely for pillage and plunder. The brothers wanted control. It was the thrones they were after, and there wasn't much in their way to stop them.

Here's an interesting bit: Throughhou his campaigns, Ivarr earned himself the nickname "the boneless". though it is not clear why. He may have suffered from a rare degenerative bone disease. Some tales speak of him as having a fluid fighting style, as if he had no bones beneath his skin, while others say the name coined because of a certain... performance issue. I think it's fair to say the Danes are of the former camp, and the Saxons are the latter.


Ivarr and Ubba Location

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Ivarr and Ubba Services & Quests

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