In Assassin's Creed Valhalla (ACV), there are 161 Artifacts in total. The following page will guide you to all their Locations and how to find each Artifacrt (Rigsogur Fragment, Treasure Hoard Map, Flying Paper, Roman Artifact and Cursed Symbol). Finding all the Artifacts will unlock Completionist All the Way Achievements.

The Artifacts in Assassin's Creed Vahalla includes:

  • rigsogur_fragment-assassins-creed-wiki-guideRigsogur Fragment
  • treasure_hoard_map-assassins-creed-wiki-guideTreasure Hoard Map
  • flying_paper-assassins-creed-wiki-guideFlying Paper
  • roman_artifact-assassins-creed-wiki-guideRoman Artifact
  • cursed_symbol-assassins-creed-wiki-guideCursed Symbol

They are a type of Collectible that gets marked as white dots on your map. To reveal the blue dots you can either synchronize the viewpoints or get close enough to them.


Artifacts Guide of Assassin's Creed Valhalla





Rygjafylke (3 Artifacts) Flying Paper At Stavanger, on the roof of a house.
Flying Paper Also at Stavanger, on the roof of a house.
Treasure Hoard Map At Kjotve's Fortress region, on the ground floor of a house.
Hordafylke (2 Artifacts) Flying Paper On the south side of Alrekstad town,  on a tree branch.
Flying Paper In the east of  Alrekstad town, on a tree branch next to a large rock.
Ledecestrescire (13 Artifacts)             Rigsogur Fragment Found in Repton, in a crypt.  (Enter through a large building with fence.)
Flying Paper On the west side of Repton, on a watch tower.
Cursed Symbol East of Tonnastadir, hanging in-between two trees
Flying Paper Can be found within Tamworth Fortress, you can see the flying paper when you reached the wooden scaffolding.
Cursed Symbol North of the Ragnarsson War Camp, in a burned-out building.
Treasure Hoard Map In the town of Venonis, near the dock, there's an opening that leads to the artifact.
Roman Artifact In the town of Venonis, on a pillar.
Cursed Symbol West of the Alcestre Monastery, break the wooden cover and drop down to find the artifact.
Roman Artifact South-East of the Ledecestre town, in the ruins. You need to break the wooden floor and jump in, the artifact is on the hand of a statue.
Flying Paper In the north side of Ledecestre town, on top of a house with wooden scaffolding and clothing.
Roman Artifact On north of the Ledecestre town, in a ruin with pillars. You need to climb up to a platform and throw the vase to destroy the rabble. The artifact is in the wreckage.
Roman Artifact Eastern border of the region, on the south of Tonnastadir. In a vase on a platform.
Roman Artifact South-West of Repton, move a cart to get the artifact in front of a building.
Grantebridgescire (10 Artifacts)          Treasure Hoard Map Found in Busuneen Tor. On top of a submerged tower, at the statue's hand.
Cursed Symbol North of Farnningstone, near the lake. The red curse symbol is above a corpse hanging from the large tree.
Flying Paper In the town of Duroliponte, on the tip of a beam of a half-constructed bridge.
Cursed Symbol Can be found in a cave on Northwest of Walden, break the door and squeeze in to reach the cursed symbol.
Roman Artifact To the south of the synchronization point at Wycham. There's a pit in the ruins, get inside and move the boulder to find the artifact.
Roman Artifact On the eastside of Meldeburne, there's a large building, the roman artifact is in the hand of a statue here.
Roman Artifact On the south of Wandrie, in a large building. You need to use the explosive vase blow the door to collect the artifact.
Cursed Symbol On East of Middelrun, there's a hut in the middle of a poisonous swamp. You need to follow the wooden walkway and find a board to climb up to the hut. The symbol is inside the hut.
Flying Paper In the town of Grantebridge. Inside the enemy camp, the paper is on the roof of a large building.
Rigsogur Fragment In the town of Grantebridge, inside the longhouse. You need to progress the main story to reach here.
East Anglia (10 Artifacts)          Rigsogur Fragment In Northwic, enter the building through the floor, then move the crates to reveal the way to the backroom. Shoot the wooden barricade on top of the ladder and climb up to get the artifact.
Roman Artifact In a ruined temple south to the Serpent's Landing. Dive down the pool, when you reached a fork, chose the right path, break the wall and get the artifact from a statue.
Flying Paper Northeast of Brisleah farm, On a pole sticking out of the side of the church.
Cursed Symbol North to the Northwic, up high in a tree.
Cursed Symbol On west of Brisleah Farm, enter through Grime’s Graves. Dropdown into the flooded area to see the shrunken head.
Flying Paper Northwic, on a pole near the town gate.
Cursed Symbol Southeast of Northwic, close to sea, shoot the cursed head.
Treasure Hoard Map  Edmond's Hope, east to Beodoricsworth. You can get the key at the church.
Roman Artifact  Near Theotford Forest, use the oil jar to blow the breakable floor.
Roman Artifact North to the Theotford Forest, you need to jump in a room through the roof of the church. The Artifact is hanging on the wall.
Lunden (3 Artifacts) Flying Paper Lundenwic Abbey, on tip of a beam.
Flying Paper Amphitheatre, on a ledge.
Flying Paper Londinium Bureau, on a tree branch overlooking the bureau.
Oxenefordscire (13 Artifacts)             Roman Artifact In a cave below Evinghou Tower. (squeeze through a crack on the wall) Once you are in the cavern, you need to shoot three pots to move the barrier, the artifact is on a small altar.
Roman Artifact East of Evesham Abbey, in an unnamed ruin. There's a key hidden in one corner of the courtyard, you can use it to open a a locked door on the north side of the ruins. The artifact can then be found on a table.
Roman Artifact South of Evesham Abbey, in the ruins. You need to use explosive pots to clear the rubble. Once the floor is broken, jump in and find the artifact on a table.
Flying Papers Buckingham, above the longhouse.
Cursed Symbol South of Buckingham, there's a pit filled with flammable poison gas. Throw torch to temporarily clear the path, and move quickly. At the end of the path, break the floor to find the cursed skull.
Treasure Hoard Map In a mine that you can get in from Eatun Barn to the south. Use explosive pots to destroy the wall blocking the mine entrance. Inside the mine, you will find a boulder in one of the rooms, pull it and slide through the crack to get the map. The hoard can be found at on a hill near Cyne Belle Castle.
Flying Papers Oxeneforda, on top of a beam attached to a small house’s chimney.
Rigsogur Fragment Oxeneforda, on the longboat.
Cursed Symbol Northeast of Giltern hills, on a small island in the middle of the lake. Use explosive pots to break the wall, then shoot the cursed symbol. (the pots is on another small island, be careful dont fall in the water or break the pot.)
Roman Artifact West of Saint Albanes Abbey, in a small ruin. Break the floor with fire pot and jump in, the artifact is on an altar.
Treasure Hoard Map  In a well in Hammeham. Break the cover and jump in the well to find the map.
Roman Artifact Near the river between Oxenefordscire and Hamtunscire, in a large building. You need to enter the building through an open hole, then move the barrier that blocks your way in. At the end of the path, reak the wooden wall can climb up, the artifact in on an altar.
Cursed Object East of Thaerelea Ruins, there's a narrow entrance to the cavern. Pick up an explosive pot and go forward, use your torches to clear the path, and save the pot for a breakable wall. The object can be found behind the wall.
Sciropescire (11 Artifacts) Cursed Symbol On the island in Bomere Lake, on a platform. You need to get there by climbing up the pole and follow the ropes.
Flying Paper West of Bomere Lake, near a building close to the border. 
Rigsogur Fragment In Quatford, on the desk of a hut.
Flying Paper In Quatford.
Roman Artifact In Uriconium Ruins, on an plafrom.
Cursed Symbol Southwest of Wenlocan Abbey, in a locked house. The key can be found inside a cave to the north.
Roman Artifact Near Hill Gate Remnants, in a underground area.
Treasure Hoard Map In Hill Gate Remnants, shoot the hanging cargo to break the floor, then jump down to get the map.
Cursed Symbol On the north of Evesham Abbey, inside the well.
Roman Artifact West of the Evesham Abbey, shoot down the hanging cargo to break the floor, then jump inside to get the mask.
Roman Artifact To the east of Evesham, in a crate at the bottom of Dudmastun Lake.
Cent (13 Artifacts) Cursed Symbol Northeast of Cavern of Trials, at tip of the cape. You can only aim it when you standing on top of a nearby pole.
Roman Artifact In the Lolingestone Bandit Camp, jump in from the roof to get this artifact.
Roman Artifact Southeast of Lunden, on the top of a column in a ruin. 
Cursed Symbol Northwest of Rouecistre Fortress, on a wooden platform on top of a tree. You need to climb up a short pole, and walk along the rope until finding a spot that you can shoot the skull.
Flying Paper Northwest of Canterbury, on a zip line above Saint Martin's Church.
Roman artifact Under Dorobernia Theater in Canterbury
Flying Papers On top of a pole near a hut in Canterbury.
Rigsogur Fragment In the Cantebury Seminary, on a table on the second floor.
Roman Artifact Dover Pharos, between Folcanstan and Dover Cliffs, Use the window to get in the locked building to get the artifact.
Treasure Hoard Map Dover Pharos, on top of the tower.
Flying Pages Southeast of Folcanstan, on top of a wooden structure on the beach.
Cursed Symbol Northeast of Canterbury, on an altar. Grab some fire pot to destroy it.
Cursed Symbol Southwest of Beamasfield, on top of a tree. You need to climb up on one of the tall stones to shoot it.
Lincolnscire (13 Artifacts) Cursed Symbol Northwest of Lacestone, hidden behind a wooden barricade, under one of the rocks in the pond.
Roman Artifact South of Grimsby, in a ruin. Use Incendiary Arrow on the rubble near the wall to reveal the artifact.
Rigsogur Fragment In Grimsby, north Lincolnscire, inside a longhouse.
Cursed Symbol North of Lincoln, on top of a house. Climb up to the roof to find the right spot to shoot.
Roman Artifact In Lincoln, break the cover on the well to get this artifact.
Flying Paper In Lincoln, near the bridge.
Roman Artifact Southeast of Bolingbroc Castle, use the oil jar to blow up rabbles to get the artifact.
Roman Artifact Southeast of Wvnmere Lake, you need to enter the underground ruins through a wall crack.
Flying Paper In Botolphston.
Treasure Hoard Map Inside a house near the lake. The key is on a boat.
Roman Artifact North of Crowland, there's a crack on the wall you can squeeze in. Once inside, break the barricade, climb up and destroy the pot to get the artifact.
Cursed Symbol East of Ledecestre town. Break the wooden wall of the house and find the key on upper level. Enter the adjacent house, break the wall using oil jar to get to the Cursed Symbol.
Roman Artifact Temple of Pluto, the artifact can be found at underground.
Essexe (12 Artifacts)            Roman Artifact East of Colcestre town, in roman ruins. The artifact is on a nest on one of the trees.
Rigsogur Fragment In Colcestre town, in one of the house.
Roman Artifact In Colcestre town, on roof of a house.
Roman Artifact In Colcestre town, under some hay.
Flying Paper In Colcestre town.
Flying Paper In Colcestre town.
Treasure Hoard Map In the church of Colcestre town. The key can be found on the other side of the church.
Cursed Symbol North of Colcestre town, you need to shoot the barricade and move the platform to reach the symbol.
Cursed Symbol South of Walden,  in a cage hanging from one of the trees.
Roman Artifact West of Colcestre town, in the ruins. You need to clear the rubble to reveal an opening on the ground in order to get the artifact.
Cursed Symbol Southwest of Colcestre town, past the bandit camp. The Cursed Symbol is hanging on a tree.
Roman Artifact Southwest of Wulfaswic, near the river. The artifact is in some ruins, you need to move the platfrom to find it.
Suthsexe (13 Artifacts)             Cursed Symbol Northwest corner of Suthsexe region, between Abbey's ruins and outpost, in a poisoned pit. You need to move the corpse and move the obstacle to reveal it.
Treasure Hoard Map Close to the above location, in a house.
Cursed Symbol Northeast of Guildford, you need to go underground and move the obstacles to reach the symbol.
Cursed Symbol South of Guildford, on a nest in one of the trees.
Treasure Hoard Map West of Guildford, in witch's house. You need to slide under the crevice to get the map.
Rigsogur Fragment Croindene, south of Lunden. The fragment is on the upper floor of the longhouse.
Flying Paper Croindene, south of Lunden.
Flying Paper Between Cicestre Abbey and the Cistorn Tower.
Roman Artifact Cicestre Abbey, use the zipline and drop-down midway to find the artifact on a pillar.
Treasure Hoard Map Crawleah Warehouse, the key is on a hanging body.
Roman Artifact South of Crawleah, the temple ruin. Blow up the rubble and dive down into the water to get it.
Cursed Symbol West of the Weald, in a well that has poisonous fog.
Roman Artifact At the border with Hamtunscire, on a pillar. Ride the zipline and drop-down halfway to get it.
Eurviscire (8 Artifacts) Cursed Symbol On top of a tower between Anlaf's Lookout and Donecaestre.
Flying Paper In Donecaestre.
Roman Artifact In Donecaestre. Under the fortress, there's a crack on the wall you can slide under.
Flying Paper In Donecaestre.
Cursed Symbol Northwest of Stenwege Camp, in Ritual Circle. You need to go underwater to get the key.
Cursed Symbol Northeast of Dalby Forest, climb up the fallen tree to shoot it, it's in another tree.
Treasure Hoard Map Southeast of Jorvik and northeast of Temple of Brigantia, in a ruins. The map is on top of the ruin.
Roman Artifact Southwest of Jorvik, you need to destroy the barricade and use the torch to break the wall to get the artifact.
Jorvik (5 Artifacts) Flying Paper Near Jorvik theatre.
Roman Artifact Near the bridge, climb down from the scaffoldings, walk along the wooden ledges until you find the breakable wall. Throw the oil jar to blow it and get the artifact.
Flying Paper Near the councilor's house.
Roman Artifact In the northeast part of the town, climb the column to get it.
Treasure Hoard Map Inside the church, you need to move some obstacles to reach it.
Glowecestrescire (11 Artifacts) Cursed Symbol West of Evesham Abbey, next to a house on the hill. 
Treasure Hoard Map In Sabrinas spring, around the center of the region.
Roman Artifact In the north part of the region, in a ruin. You need to go through a wall and break the wooden board to reach the artifact.
Cursed Symbol In the west of this region, above the entrance of a cave.
Roman Artifact Near the Temple of Ceres Bureau, there is a small ruin. Move the boulders to reveal the artifact.
Flying Paper In Glowecestre town.
Flying Paper In Glowecestre town.
Roman Artifact On a pillar in Glowecestre town.
Roman Artifact Just outside the town of Glowecestre, to the north. It can be found near a tree.
Cursed Symbol East of the town of Glowecestre, in-between the branches of a big tree.
Roman Artifact Northeast of the town of Glowecestre, use an explosive vase to clear the rubble blocking the hole in the ground. Then you can reach the artifact.
Snotinghamscire (8 Artifacts)     Rigsogur Fragment  In Hemthorpe, in a large building.
Flying Paper In Hemthorpe, near a hut.
Cursed Symbol Southwest of Hemthorpe, inside a cave. You need to move a rock and go through a crack to reach it.
Roman Artifact Northwest of Ulkerthorpe Fort. Near the ruin, under the rock.
Cursed Symbol  North of Thynghowe, there's a circular structure. The symbol can be found inside.
Cursed Symbol At Minninglow, inside a cave.
Treasure Hoard Map Northeast of Hemthorpe, at the Abandoned Library.
Roman Artifact In Southwest corner of the region, under a large pool of water in a ruined building.
Wincestre (5 Artifacts) Flying Paper In the northwest part of the town.
Flying Paper In the northeast part of town.
Flying Paper In the middle of the town, near shield makers yard.
Treasure Hoard Map In Wincestre Monastery, you can enter it through the colored window.
Treasure Hoard Map In Bishop's residence, on the upper floor. You need to break a wooden barricade to reach it.
Hamtunscire (8 Artifacts) Cursed Symbol On an island in the southern part of this region. Use ropes to reach the central platform in the tree to shoot the cursed symbol.
Treasure Hoard Map In Fearnhamme, near the eastern border of the region. Break the floor and jump in the crack to reach the map.
Flying Paper North of Fearnhamme, near the Calieva Outpost. The paper can be found on a pillar.
Roman Artifact In northeast corner of the region, in some ruins. You need to break the floor and then jump through the hole to get it.
Roman Artifact Southwest of Wincestre, near Wishtman's Wood. Destroy the cover of a well and jump in, the artifact is behind some blockade.
Roman Artifact In southwest corner of the region, near Werham. 
Flying Paper In the northwest corner of the region, Aethelnay. The paper can be found above the rooftop of a builing.
Cursed Symbol Northwest of Readingun Abbey, on a hill. Move the body near the pool of blood to find the symbol.

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